Three benefits of a humidifier

July 2, 2016

The cold winter days are coming up again. The heating is high. We are starting a little sniffling and coughing and if you touch one another even while sitting on the couch you will get an electric shock gift. Recognizable? It is inherent in a bit. But what many people do not know is that too simple to solve many of these inconveniences by placing the perfect humidifier for baby and for overnight use in your home.

The humidity in the house

The recommended thickness is in the house between 50 and 60 percent. Is the humidity below 50 percent? Then this can cause various inconveniences regarding your health and your home. In winter, the air anyway lowers humidity, but by that air in heating, this house is just lower. This allows the inconveniences are becoming more noticeable.

If you have low humidity in your home, you experience many of the same inconvenience when you’re in an airplane. In winter can decrease the humidity in your home to approximately 20 to 30 percent. But on a plane, this is usually between 5 and 10 percent! I was shocked, to be honest here from. Bizarre low! Not surprising therefore that you have a plane load of static hair and dry eye!

Fortunately, almost all the inconveniences you experience thanks to solving low humidity in winter with a humidifier in the house!

Better for your health

If the indoor humidity is low can have this effect on your health. This can be noticed by your example will suffer from respiratory irritation, a scratchy throat, dry skin, headache, and fatigue. Many people see this as inconveniences that come once there; you can during the winter months. But with a humidifier in your home have a lot fewer problems.

Besides the effect on your health, low humidity also does something to your home and furniture. By keeping the humidity in the house up to date, you prevent for example, that you’re cracking wooden floor. In fact, wood flooring is still a little bit of moisture absorbed by the low humidity. The same happens with leather furniture. Which can dry out just like a wooden floor and therefore even break. But your plants will thank you as a little humidity can be fatal. Plants have any way needed moisture course, but also get it from the air.

Less static electricity

If the humidity drops us at home, we regularly receive electric shocks. Since we use a humidifier, we have here no more trouble! Due to a low humidity is the amount of static electricity in the house much higher. If you then in the evening sitting on the couch, you’ll slowly charge by friction. Once you then touch your laptop or the door to the hallway opens, you get an electric shock. Glad that’s passed!

A set place

You can see that much time has been spent on the appearance of the humidifier, just like vacuum cleaners and other household appliances Dyson. Many of the moisturizers on the market today are bulky and do not look attractive. The sleek shapes and bright colors this humidifier Dyson fit perfectly at home in the interior.

The water tank is easy to detach and fill. Matter of a crank cap, keep it under the tap and the cap shut off again. No hassle with a bucket of water you have to lug back and forth! The humidifier has several options. So you can use the remote control to set the fan speed and the desired humidity. There is also a sleep timer function, which allows you to set a time after which the humidifier automatically shuts off. There is also an automatic mode that allows the device itself determines the humidity and comfortable reach.


The humidifier has about eight hours done to our living room with a humidity of 52 percent to 60. Neat! As for the disadvantages, this particular humidifier only has one small drawback. The device does not show what the current humidity. Too bad, because that is the value of the instrument is not measurable. Fortunately, we have in house a thermostat also told what the humidity us. Have you not, there are lucky enough cheap rain gauges on the market!

We are certainly pleased with the benefits of a humidifier. No dry throat, no creaky floors and no electric shocks! So we can to winter!

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