July 9, 2016

Wherever you are, at home or the campsite, good food everyone wants. is the feast every day with the delicious recipes of Louise Olivier in cooking at the campsite. With simple ingredients, they conjure every time great dishes and camping meal ideas

Sloppy Burgers

A British study has shown that travelers their beds miss the most on holiday. Closely followed by the loss of their pets, family, friends, internet, TV, water from the tap, speak in their language and a delicious home cooked meal. You might think: what a man does himself by going on holiday?

The lack of own bed can be solved by going with a caravan or motor home on vacation. And find a campsite where the dog is also welcome. Take your family with you or choose your best friends. Domestically, there are no language problems, and the water here is always top quality. No more problems.

And add that sometimes the benefits of a vacation at on. You do not have to vacuum. You just got rid of your annoying neighbors and your boss is nowhere to be seen. You have time to devote all your attention to your family and your family. You can also read in the sun, sniffing culture and long warm summer evenings sitting outside on a terrace to hang rather listless for television.

Enjoy the simplicity of holiday living. Leave the problems behind you and know who you look there soon full of energy and with a different look against it. And once home, you will appreciate your other house. Cherish the vacation memories when you’re home and think about possibly already determined where you would like to go next year.
And to come back to the lack of home-cooked meals. We have of course to put on the map. A website with hundreds of easy and quickly ready to make recipes submitted by fellow campers, who have here their favorite recipes and original price. What could be easier!

The following recipe is an American burger with fresh vegetables. Tasty and healthy. Sloppy Joe Burger for four people:


500g mixed minced
One large onion finely diced
Two garlic cloves, finely chopped
One green pepper finely diced
One small can tomato paste
One small can of kidney beans
One bag lettuce mayonnaise
Two tomatoes, sliced
Barbecue – or shashlicks
salt and pepper
Two teaspoons chili powder
Four hamburger buns olive oil


Fry the chopped onion and garlic gently in the olive oil until translucent. Add the diced pepper and cook 5 minutes. Then add the tomato puree and cook it, always stirring, softly. Remove the pan from the heat and cool the vegetables. Season the meat with salt, pepper, chili powder and two tablespoons barbecue sauce. Rinse the kidney beans with cold water, then drain well and cut them smaller. Now knead everything together and make four burgers. Cook the burgers on a grill pan or the barbecue cooked and brown. Serve with bread, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and barbecue sauce or ketchup.

Mediterranean Fish

On one of the last, unexpectedly warm evenings of the season, we are witnessing the following ritual: it’s time to cook.

Around 5 am come to our neighbor’s cookers out. Everyone has their preference. Skottelbraai, Cobb, BBQ, all is well represented. And then the most delicious scents will start the party and blow across the field.

The variety of dishes is remarkable. We also have an amateur chef who has taken over to Saturday morning early to stoke his big BBQ with cover for a piece of pork, “Pulled Pork” which hours on indirect fire must yarn. You understand that the men’s regular reporting to him to check how things are going with the meat and once firmly to chat (women have the name, but men can also find some of it!).

Cooking becomes a social event, which has mainly laughed a lot. How did we so touched each other in the culinary field is still a mystery to me.

Occasionally the heads are put together and then we put the tables in the middle of the field and the cookers in joint on the right. Everyone makes his court shall be heard and tasted again. With all those summer days and balmy evenings, we imagine ourselves in France. What was a lovely summer!

The following recipe makes our campsite neighbor on his favorite stove. But it can also just in a wok. Mediterranean Fish for four persons:


One large onion, sliced
Two cloves garlic, minced
One green pepper diced
One leek, sliced
500g firm fish, sliced
½ chorizo sausage diced
salt, pepper, paprika
a handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered
coriander or parsley
One bottle sweet and sour sauce


Cook the rice and keep it warm in a sleeping bag or hay madam. Cut all ingredients as indicated. Fry onion and garlic in a little olive oil and fry the chorizo cubes glassy equally softly. Take everything out of the pan and cook 5 minutes in the remaining oil. Also, take the fish from the pan. Then wok-cooked vegetables. Always keep everything moving and not put too high heat. Add the onion mixture and sour sauce. If the sauce is hot, the spices go there and tomato wedges. Finally, the fish should be there again with the chopped cilantro/parsley leaves. Serve with the rice.

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