July 8, 2016

Currently there are different fillings for these pillows who can not miss the hour of rest, from traditional markers goose (goose) to the latest materials technology like the so-called memory foam (also known as memory foam), it characterized in that it adapts the shape of the body, dissipating the pressure, which makes it useful for various medical applications and rest.

Alongside this ecological perception, no shortage of options pillows Length, specially made for sleeping cuddled her. Simply do a simple Internet search to discover the great variety in the market.

Why is given so much importance to the pillows? These items, which were already used by the inhabitants of the upper class of ancient Egypt, are intended to help the body to rest in a comfortable position, which allows the neck and the cervical (neck) to relax and not to tense, causing annoying neck pain and head the next day. The primary function of the pillow is to achieve a neutral alignment of the head with the body, i.e., that it does not remain nor too tilted forward or backward, just like when you’re standing with your head steady and straight. If you sleep with the wrong pillow and head misaligned, you amanecerás with sore neck and shoulders tense.

When choosing your pillow, you should consider several factors, not only the material with which it is filled but also the way you sleep. Remember that the idea is to keep your head in the same way that when the body is upright, to ensure that the cervical and dorsal (which are just below the neck) from the same angle as when we are standing.

  • If you sleep on your back, the recommendation is to use thin pillows.
  • If you sleep on your side (side), you need a higher pillow.
  • We do not recommend sleeping on your stomach because this position is considerable pressure on the neck and the cervical vertebrae, but if that’s the position you like, then the pillow should also be rather thin. * It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.
  • If you turn around many times while you sleep, the best option may be a feather or down pillow, or those that adapt to your movements.

Yourself (a) must find what is the best alternative for you, which you find most comfortable or to help you rest better. Keep in mind that the filling determines the softness or firmness of the pillow and even the potential to cause allergies. Keep that in mind. Your options are:

  • Foam rubber: judges the pillow of this material by its density. Higher density, durability, stability and better support filling your head.
  • Polyester: they are economical and comfortable but if lavas tends to break down the filling. Select them the best quality you can to last longer.
  • Foam “memory” pillows of this material are attractive because they reduced pressure points and adjusted to conform to the shape of your body when you move overnight. They come in several forms, including an S-shaped, ideal to support the neck. Note that can make you feel more heat and sometimes can emit a smell unpleasant chemical.
  • Latex is the kind of firmer padding and is resistant to mold and mites. As it fits well to body contours, provides excellent support to the neck and back.
  • Wool / Cotton: This type of filter produces very few allergies and, like latex, is resistant to mold and dust mites. It tends to be much harder than others. If you prefer suave citals pillows, this filling is not for you.
  • Pens/goose down: this guy is one of the most comfortable stuffed as it provides a good balance between firmness and softness and adapts well to body contours. They can cause allergies in some people, and so there are options in the market for synthetic down. Usually the most expensive pillows, but there are options that mimic such as polyester fiber. They are cheaper, but they last less.

Finally, consider buying an antiallergic pillow liner to reduce the chance of allergies. Renew it if you start to lose shape or firmness because you can not provide the necessary support to your head and neck. Change them every year or half a year to guarantee maximum comfort.

Once you have chosen the pillow of your dreams, you just have to relax and to rest! For further information, visit

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