July 30, 2016

Many people carry some objects that do not need and already realize that they left the most important. In preparation for our trip, we must consider the possible inclement weather so we can choose the most appropriate equipment.

1. The perfect tent

You must take into account the number of people to have space and comfort. You can make a choice between tents for 2,3,4,6 and seven people.

Campsite: If you want to camp on a beach you need a less robust tent. It is important to pay attention to the tide (because if we camped on the shore at high tide at night, we could reach) and use an envelope roof to protect the tent from sunlight, in the mountains will be more exposed to high winds, cold, rain and maybe even snow. For these conditions, you can find a covered tent to block the wind around the door and also kept clean inside the store, water repellents floors, inverted seams to prevent moisture, and beautiful support tubes.

Mobility: You must choose a functional tent that fits your type of activity and not too heavy if you are backpacking or you ride, there are some tents that are more robust and spacious but turn out to be heavy.

2. The Sleeping

You must pay close attention to how (Sarcophagus or rectangular), materials (Synthetic or goose) and thermal range designed for better use and make the trip more enjoyable. Cheap tents for sale are enough for a short camping trip.

3.The mattress

They fulfill essential functions when sleeping in a tent as isolate moisture and avoid cold as leveling the uneven ground.

4. Clothing

He wears sportswear and notes the temperature of the place, so you’re always comfortable. Shoes are critical, try to use traction to adhere to any terrain and claiming the ankle to prevent injuries.

5. The food and drink

Find out about nearby places if you choose to buy or eat in restaurants.Si you’ll not forget burner cooking pots, can opener and dishes. In addition to carrying canned goods, cereal and chocolate bars to keep you energetic.

By planning your water supplies and where to get it, in many places, the water is not potable.
“I never drink the water of dubious origin” and although it seems exaggerated is excellent always wary of the water that nature provides.

To be comfortable throughout the trip do not forget soap, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, hand lotion, antibacterial and insect repellent. Glasses, hats, and thermoses are necessary to protect from the sun and keep hydrated.

7. Contingencies

It is better to be cautious and bring flashlight, rope, candles, candle, knife, compass and whistle. Download apps on your Smartphone and analyzes the map before departing.

CAMPER GUIDE: Choose the perfect place to have an impressive camp

Unfortunately many people venture with little preparation, bad passes, and no retries. But with the right techniques and the right equipment you can enjoy the camp with comfortable even in adverse weather conditions.

To have the perfect camp if you go to the forest, the store must be near the trees to avoid being exposed to the wind, but not too close to them, to prevent it from falling over a branch. It must also be near the water, and at the same time away from places frequented by animals. The soil, level and well drained, avoid flooding problems. The climate is an important factor when choosing a place to camp, after determining a safe and comfortable position, the store will be up in the evening and dinner will be in the fire. Start searching for the right place in the afternoon, and take all the time necessary to recognize potential hazards.

Leave the place than you found it, pick up all the trash you generate, even if it is not yours, so will collaborate so that nature remains unchanged for future generations of visitors.

Your stay must leave no trace. Do not hide the trash, you will be sooner or later and would be available to the animals; to see such neglect, future visitors also show less concern for cleanliness that if they had found in good condition; thus you’ve started a cycle of deterioration.

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