Guide to choose the pack and play

May 7, 2016

The growth of children is always a process, which is primarily associated with a lot of joy and excitement – and this both for the parents, as also for the children: the first smile, the first babbling or word and, of course, the first step on their own feet and on their own mean for the child, every day to discover the environment in all its facets.

However, a really new dimension in terms of design of the apartment and spatial relationships begins just at the beginning of crawling or walking the child for mom and dad. So the first steps are a great moment, but it also requires a lot of attention due to high risks on the other. To enable the child also in short silent moments which, surveying ‘the world and still be able to be in the next room without feeling guilty, parents repeatedly reach back to pack and play.

They create the possibility that the child with permanent eye contact with her caregiver and protected against all located in the apartment minor and major risk factors, making his first steps and private practice or safely can, as best stands on two legs. Here, a pack and play is not intended to, fencing ‘of the child. Rather, it creates a protected, free space, which helps the child to develop motor skills and tactile and yet never have the feeling of being alone. The result is the first self-confidence and autonomy, while the positive reference to the parents when located in the room, but not retained constricting caregivers.

Insofar pack and play should never be used to the child practically. Pack and play are primarily namely a space, make the children themselves and occupy positively can should – as a private retreat and place where the child is gaining increasing confidence in his first steps

If you talk about pack and play, then opinions differ. Is that still relevant to depose children between four bars? Experts agree: As long as one does not strain the pack and play, he is a useful helper for parents. You really can not let your baby out of the eyes, but you always have works to do. The Federal Centre for Health Education recommends preferring the pack and play because it gives the baby more freedom of movement. And when the kids begin to pull himself up everywhere, they can climb along the fence.

If the pack and play goes with a play mat and the favorite toy, it can there be really comfortable – but sooner or later there will be more exciting out there. “Children have an urge to discover, which can not be limited to time on one or two square meters,” says Sabine Frevert from Bielefeld Institute for Early Childhood Development. “Children must be able to explore their environment, even if it is stressful for the parents, if bookcase and kitchen cabinets are emptied again and again.”

Practically, there are models whose floors you can find at different levels. At this point, it is sufficient if the grid reaches 30 centimeters high. Later, when the little one is larger and agile, it needs a higher barrier, the ground travels correspondingly lower. So the piece of furniture may be about a year in operation.

Why do I need a pack and play?

The pack and play is a cozy place that significantly contributes to the baby’s comfort. Soft pack and play underground offers the perfect base and through the many different designs can also be found for every taste. It can be supplemented of course pillows and definitely a toy, so it is not boring and the baby has no limits on the imagination.


Safety in the home is important and especially for curious babies and toddlers. Therefore, we should take measures to ensure that curiosity does not end up being injured. This can already happen in a short moment of inattention. The pack and play test / comparison show that the pack and play is a good way to prevent this and offer a wide range of models with different sizes and features.

The wide range of shapes, colors can be combined with almost any style is available for every taste. Also, you can look for online shops when. Think carefully before buying about what your requirements are and especially how much space you have. Then the pack and play is a good addition to your household.

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