Diffuser essential oils: Tips before buying

May 5, 2016

The essential oils diffuser is ideal for creating different moods in your home and even treats certain diseases. If you choose well, it allows particularly good distribution of flavors while preserving the quality and properties of essential oils. How to make the right choice for its essential oil diffuser? Before you rush out and buy too quickly your essential oil diffuser, I give you my advice in this article.

Diffuser essential oils: 5 criteria to be considered

5 important criteria to consider before buying an essential oil diffuser:

  • The unit does not he distorts the qualities and essential oil properties?
  • Is it noisy? Is it appropriate for a room?
  • Is it suitable for a small or a large room?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Has it a look or a nice design for use as part of decor in a room?

3 types of diffuser electric essential oils:

The diffuser essential oils for micro diffusion

The micro diffusion diffuser is composed of a pump for producing pressurized air. A glass tube immerses in the tank glad essential oil while a second conduit glass tube pressurized air to the tube containing the oil.

With this diffuser, the essential oil is thus driven at high speed by air under pressure and breaks up into microparticles giving a mist coming out of the essential oil diffuser.

With this type of diffuser essential oils, essential oil is diffused cold and pure and therefore preserves its qualities. We recommend this essential oil diffuser into large pieces.

The benefits of essential oil diffuser micro diffusion:

  • This is probably a more powerful for its quality of broadcasting
  • It can cover large areas

But the pump is relatively noisy and glassware was dirty. The essential oils diffuser that works by micro diffusion is usually more expensive to buy but has good durability and great distribution. This is the one I have at home and I highly recommend buying this type of oils essential oils diffuser.

The ultrasound essential oils diffuser

The essential oils diffuser ultrasound is sound but whose frequency is greater than 20 kHz and which can not be heard by the human ear. In this type of diffuser essential oils, a reservoir is provided for mixing water with essential oils.

A membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz, micro-droplets detach from the surface of water so that the liquid, wherein the essential oils have been incorporated. The essential oil is “atomized” into fine droplets so that they evaporate in fog and diffuses into the atmosphere.

With a cold mist produced by ultrasound, they carry the essential oils deposited on the surface of the water in the room air.

The advantages of ultrasonic diffuser essential oils:

  • The diffuser essential oils ultrasound is very quiet and suitable for all essential oils.
  • It has the advantage of preserving the qualities of essential oils diffused.
  • Essential oils are generally consumed quickly in ten minutes and therefore need to add quite often.
  • Because it also vaporizes water, it allows humidification of the air in a room.
  • This type of essential oil diffuser is better suited for smaller rooms.

The ventilation essential oils diffuser

The principle of this essential oil diffuser is very simple, a fan blows air through a pad soaked in essential oils and spreads essential oils in the room.

The ventilation essential oils diffuser is silent and can therefore easily be used in a room or in an office but never in a big room. In this type of essential oil diffuser, the diffusion takes place by evaporation of the oil under the effect of a heating resistor and thus, some components of the essential oil may be degraded.

Note that some essential oil diffusers are fitted with a low temperature thermo resistance. This is the simplest of essential oil diffusers, this range from simple essential oil cup set on the radiator thermostat models through the burned candle. Be careful not to degrade the essential oil temperature must not exceed 45 ° C. It produces no noise so you can put it on a nightstand, on your desktop or in any room with an area less than 15 m2.

We do not recommend this type of diffuser essential oils for heating oil gets rid of some of its properties. He even tends to burn the aroma and can not guarantee a real therapeutic release. To optimize the use of essential oils, do not risk buying this type of essential oil diffuser resistant to heating. And you, do you already have an essential oil diffuser? What kind do you use? Have you encountered difficulties in the use? Are you satisfied with its use?


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