The travel baby pack and play, a profitable investment for the kids?

April 28, 2016

As a mother, I have observed the difference between my two kids, as I have already mentioned before. Every child is different and what applies to one does not always serve to the other, we happened for example with the pack and play.

Surely, many will regard the travel pack and play a useless junk, especially if your children are like most of mine, who was crying when we left there, but the second experience has been different. It is a restless but the more independent child, so one day I took the old pack and play of his brother and rode without much hope, but at the moment is delighted.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages with these pack and play, and then if you urge to buy one I leave a list of some that I like.

Among the advantages that I find the pack and play is mainly the tranquility of being able to leave the child entertained while doing household chores, showering etc. without having to worry that harm is done, it is the main advantage I see over similar alternatives such as carpets activities. We can leave within their favorite toys, and the bars are a perfect fit to begin to stand with support.

Of course, for each of these advantages is accompanied by a drawback. You may even have one may be able to pose if your house is small, as even the removable usually occupy enough space. I also know that there are parents who get the feeling of locking in “cages” children (and call him evil but mine is that they have always been a real small animal), or who has not been more than a trunk for toys. As always, the end is the child who has the last word on the use we give to most of these things.

Tips before buying a travel cot

You are a new mother or you’re thinking about getting pregnant and you need all kinds of items for your newborn, including the crib.

A travel pack and play is a folding cot used for travel or crib for a second home, pack and play for games, picnics or beach outings, etc.

If you decide to buy a travel cot note the following buying tips:

  1. The travel pack and plays are a good complement to the cradle of the main home for troubled parents used to travel on weekends and holidays, or a long stay in another residence. They have wheels, which are comfortable to have on hand the child in the nursing period, and are foldable and make our life more comfortable journeys.
  2. When buying your travel pack and play appreciates these aspects besides price: The size of the folded and unfolded cot: pack and plays in the market rather large travel and more secluded. The weight; If you have a second use as a pack and play (the largest); If you have at least one side (the header or the child’s feet) can be opened by zipper (not all do). If you have a mesh that allows close them at the top as a mosquito net, which will isolate the baby face of these insects.
  3. If you use the travel pack and play as the only cradle of the house (for reasons of space and / or budget), sailing in the back of your child and uses the same mattress as the crib. Beware mattresses undersized, since the dead spaces between the mattress and the pack and play, could catch the baby and cause suffocation.
  4. If you use the crib as a pack and play, and depending on the age of the baby or child, be careful with detachable side zipper travel pack and play so can not fall for it.
  5. If you use the pack and play as a pack and play and the child is okay and walk by himself, and out of the cradle by the open narrow side, put pads to cushion falls face first out of the pack and play. I will say from experience.
  6. If you use the travel pack and play as a pack and play for the game and filled with toys the child, do not remove the eye. Inadequate access to toy can give you a scare.
  7. As security measures of your travel pack and play, checks that have two wheels on one side (head or feet) and that these have brakes. Meanwhile, the edges should be rounded and should not have screws or protruding parts.
  8. If you use the travel pack and play in a place with little isolated or cold soils, do not forget to place it on a carpet that insulates the child from the cold (the distance between the child and the floor is a foot).
  9. Do not forget to clean and vacuum occasionally the floor of the travel cot, removing the hard folding cover that serves as a bed frame. Children eat cookies and other goodies in the travel pack and play or pack and play and there are crumbs.


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