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April 21, 2016

We have been researching in many essential oil diffuser reviews so far! And now we can tell you some main points about what we found:

Benefits of essential oils:

  • more relaxed
  • increases concentration
  • good sleep
  • clean the air
  • improved mood
  • chases insects
  • purifying and moisturizing
  • curative
  • stimulant
  • reduce anxiety
  • less fatigue
  • lowering stress
  • repel unwanted odors

Essential oils diffuser

The diffusion of essential oils has become a reflection of welfare and health in our homes, places of living and working. They allow us to create, depending on the essential oil we use, a pure atmosphere!

Essential oils diffuser uses the principle of diffusion of cold mist droplets of essential oils. Does not alter the essential oils, thus preserving their qualities and active ingredients. With a small, compact and quiet design, a lot of diffusers are easy to use and perfectly safe because it has 2 modes of the integrated broadcast the timer for stays of a few meters or large areas up to 120 square meters, and automatic shutdown after 1 hour . It is made of blown glass and natural wood (forests are not endangered).

The use of natural substances against infectious processes such as flu or colds has been synthesized today in the form of essential oils, which is known as aromatherapy. Yes, their degree of effectiveness is determined by compliance with a series of quality criteria that are bound control.

Did you know that aromatherapy can be very useful for the prevention and treatment of colds, constipation, etc …? Thanks to its great wealth and biochemical complexity, essential oils, substances formed by a large number of molecules belonging to various biochemical families, have a high therapeutic potential in many areas and types of conditions (pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, circulatory, mood …). But it is in the field of infectious diseases where these aromatic substances have a vital role, because of its potent activity at low doses, its broad spectrum of action, therapeutic safety, good tolerance, the absence of side effects at the recommended dose and absence of resistances described so far.

Quality Criteria

Laura Mestres, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Science and Food Technology from the University of Barcelona and formed by the French Scientific Aromatherapy School (College International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux), reminds us that for that essential oils can be used as natural antibiotics, they must meet certain quality criteria compulsory control:

Oils must be 100% complete, natural, pure and chemotype.

1. One of the leading representatives as antiinfective is the compact inflorescences Oregano (Origanum compactum). It is an oil with the broad spectrum of action, as it is active against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. This oil is very rich in phenols (carvacrol, thymol) and these are responsible for their potent antimicrobial action. It is particularly suitable for ENT infections (tonsillitis, otitis, flu …) and lung (bronchitis). For a more accurate and convenient dosage regimen, is offered in cápulas soft gelatin capsules is recommended 2, 3 times a day (with meals) for 5 days.

2. If we look for a more specific activity for infections, urinary tract level, we must consider the Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark), rich in cinnamic aldheído and a wide breadth of action. For greater efficiency combine oils with different biochemical families and synergy compact Oregano, Oregano from Greece and Ceylon cinnamon, it is much more effective. In addition, to relieve symptoms associated with cystitis, we have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic to relieve pain from the first shots.

3. In case of recurrent infections or certain treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy, AIDS, hepatitis), it can strengthen the defenses with (chemotherapy and radiotherapy, AIDS, hepatitis) can strengthen the defenses with essential oils (IgA and IgM) as Ravintsara oil (Cinnamomum camphora cineol), the tea tree (Melaleuca) or eucalyptus, which are also invigorating and potent antiviral CNS, protecting new infections and helping us in mental fatigue situations. Ravintsara oil has properties decongestant respiratory, antiviral and stimulating the natural defenses of our body pathways. Everyday way during viral epidemics 6 drops mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot kernel, in the local application on the plantar arch or chest, morning and night. It is an effective preventive measure against viral attacks.

There are a few recommendations for the use of essential oils according to essential oil diffusers reviews.

The formula to combat the virus and increase the body’s natural defenses:

In massage: 6 drops of the preparation mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot nut on the chest and upper back area, 6 times a day for 2-3 days.

Eucalyptus: 2 drops.
Ravintsara – Cinnamomum camphora ct cineole 3 drops.
Noble Laurel – Laurus nobilis 1 drop.
Niaouli – Melaleuca 1 drop.
Diffusion: mix a few drops of any essential oil diffuser.

In massage: 6 drops of the preparation mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot nut on the chest and upper back area, 4 times a day for 10 days.

Green Mirto – Myrtus communis qt cineole 2 drops.
Tea Tree – Melaleuca 2 drops.
Moroccan Thyme – Thymus 2 drops.
Ravintsara – Cinnamomum camphora ct cineol 1 drop.
Black pepper – Piper nigrum 1 drop.

To strengthen the nervous tone of the individual:

In Massage: 3 drops of the preparation mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot nut on the solar plexus and the inside of the wrists, 2-3 times a day.

Garden Marjoram – Origanum majorana 2 drops.
Petitgrain Bigarade (Bitter orange, leaves) – Citrus aurantium ssp amara 2 drops.
Mandravasarotra – Cinnamosma 1 drop.
Tangerine Essence (skin) – Citrus reticulata 1 drop.

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