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April 13, 2016

Quickly heat up a ready-cooked meal or a cup of hot chocolate? With the microwave, it is a piece of

cake. Here’s what a microwave can do and what to look for when buying a microwave.

Type of microwave

A microwave offers the opportunity for reheating, defrosting, grilling, baking and roasting. The first

choice you have to make when buying a microwave oven is also the choice between a solo microwave or

a microwave oven. In a solo microwave you can often just reheating and defrosting foods. With a

microwave oven, you have more options.

In addition to the heating and defrosting, you can also boil, bake, roast and grill! Whether you use the

microwave just to warm up a plate of food that you want to prepare complete meals, the microwave is

very useful in the kitchen.

Solo microwave

With a solo microwave, you can heat up fast food, a ready-to-eat meal or a glass of milk for example,

but you can also thaw frozen products. Do you want to prepare a complete meal in the microwave,

please note the instructions given in the manual. Not all foods are cooked at the same time, after all,

and not all materials can be put in the microwave. There are several nice cookbooks for sale on cooking

in the microwave.

Microwave oven

A microwave is a combination of microwave and oven. Depending on the model, a microwave can be

equipped with the following functions:

  • Hot air: With the aid of a fan in the rear wall, the hot air is evenly distributed.
  • Conventional: In this mode the dishes are prepared with top and bottom heat.
  • Grill: The grill enables you get a brown and / or crispy crust. Also grilling meat or fish lessfat.
  • Steam: The moisture is brought to the boil, after which it is kept at steam temperature. Sothe food can be steamed.
  • Crisp: The crisp function combines function of the microwave and the grill. The grill provides(on the crisp plate) a crunchy top layer and the microwaves cooks the dish. Note: a crisp plate only

    works with microwaves that have crisp function.



The contents of a microwave oven may reasonably differ. So look for how many people you cook for and

how big the dishes you want to cook. A microwave with a capacity of 18 to 20 liters is often a solo

microwave. A microwave with a capacity of 26 to 40 liters is often a microwave oven. Also, the size of a

turntable varies. The larger the wave, the larger the turntable.

Display and delayed start

Most microwave ovens are equipped with a display on which you can read the settings. Also you can see

the remaining time before the program ends. The delayed start is a feature that allows you to program

the microwave oven for a few hours in advance. This way you save time and can for example, almost

directly on the table when they return home.

How do microwaves work?

A microwave works through microwaves food molecules in motion. This creates heat. The microwaves

pass through the crockery, so that the food becomes hot very quickly. The dishes are still hot in the

microwave. Not all of the dishes is suitable for use in the microwave oven. Vitamins and natural flavors

are retained in the preparation of food in the microwave. It was rumored that the microwaves and the

radiation in the microwave would be harmful to humans. Food from the microwave would accumulate

radiation and lose nutritional value. It would even be carcinogenic and warm milk for babies would be

harmful. Complete nonsense! Fear of microwaves is often motivated by the fact that microwaves

confuses radioactivity. Both, however, have nothing to do with each other.


The energy of the microwaves is divided by the rotational movement of the turntable. Some devices can

be switched off the turntable. There are also combination of microwave and ovens available which there

is no turntable and the distribution of the energy is provided by a rotating antenna. These are however

expensive microwave ovens. Manufacturers shall not indicate this always clear.

Microwave power

The ability of the microwave is indicated in Watts. Most microwaves have a maximum power output between 700 and 900

watts. This is quite sufficient for the heating up of the products. When you choose a lower wattage, the

product will be longer in the microwave before it is ready. In ready-to-eat meals, this information is

always available on the product packaging.

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