How to use pack and play safely for your baby?

April 26, 2016

Fitness walkers for apprentices or quiet corner for games and discoveries … The joys of the pack and play are numerous. In this article, I will give you tips for the best pack and play.

Pack and play: do not save on safety!

The ideal age to discover the joys of the playpen your child is around 8-9 months, when it starts to play alone, but also to have itchy feet. For that baby can have fun safely, the park must contain the words “consistent with security requirements.” It certifies that the product meets the standards set by the decree of 20 December 1991 on childcare articles.

The park either wood or plastic, whatever. But prefer models barred those with mesh sides: when the child looks through the fine mesh of these pack and plays, it is also in a murky world as seen by a short-sighted!

And why not a used pack and play?

Hard to find a playpen at least 60-70 euros, a price that may seem excessive compared to the use of this object duration. This is why many parents prefer to borrow a pack and play nearby or buy a used one. It must then be even more vigilant than buying a new pack and play!

Make sure the item is always up to standard, it has been well maintained and is in good working order: banish pack and plays including folding mechanisms and worn or dangerous locking, twisted bars, etc.

Check the cleanliness. Disinfection is needed … with particular attention to mites to the pack and play canvas.

Recover if possible instructions (with assembly instructions) and invoice (it includes the actual date of purchase, allowing you to determine the age of the product).

Because the child will rely on the banks to get up, even to walk, you should check especially:

  • the stability of the park: the feet of parks, whose balance is generally less good, are not recommended.
  • the height of the edge: it must not be less than 55 cm.

Use the pack and play safely

Once you purchase the pack and play, some precautions are to be taken. Install the pack and play in a place where children can not reach external objects (socket, fireplace, radiator, trinkets …).

Regularly check the condition of the pack and play and floor mats when there is one.

Do not put big toys that your child could use to climb the sides.

Although the park is useful to ask baby time to answer the phone or cooking dinner, do not leave it unattended for too long.

The pack and plays are designed for children under 2 years. Therefore not extend its use beyond, especially at this age, your baby prefers frolic!

Safety first

The best standards. The presence of the European “CE” mark, the French standards “NF S 54010” and “Pr EN 12227-1” or simply the reference to “comply with the safety requirements” show that the height of the pack and play, the spacing bars or the angle hinges comply. This recommendation applies especially if you opt for a used pack and play that is ready for you who already has some irreplaceable part. In the pack and play, your child is protected from the dangers of the house, sudden movements of his elders or your pet. This is not a reason to leave it unattended: Always keep an eye on him.


Make it a cozy place. If your pack and play has no bottom, plan and expected an adjusted mat for cushioning, it will isolate your child from too cold ground and avoid bumps in the case of fall. Imagine a fun but safe space. Playmat, arches, and other fluff rag dolls will live the little house of your baby. However, do not put toys that could escalate or even offend. Clear the area. Even in the midst of his favorite toys, your baby will be attracted by what happens on the other side: a wire, a power outlet, an object behind a chair he could swing by pulling it. So make sure that none of this is within range.

The pack and play’s advantages:

  • Use it in small doses (half an hour to an hour enough; beyond, the child will be bored).
  • Do not make a punishment nor an easy way to be able to go about your business (When your child is in the park, talk to him from time to time, show him that you are there even if you do not mind directly him at that moment.).
  • Both object and place of awakening, the pack and play can bring a lot to the child. In peace in this world all to itself, Baby will make its small experiences and great discoveries. It may also, without the risk of getting hurt, do gym sessions “sit-stand-sit” that will allow it to gain confidence for walking.

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