Does a pack and play for babies make sense?

April 30, 2016

The range of motion of a small infant until the baby starts to rotate and move to a small enough play mat maybe even just the corner of the sofa. Eventually, however, soon, the baby will grow up quickly that we even can not realize. They crawl from warm carpet to the cold tiles, slip through freshly wiped floors or chase behind the vacuum cleaner. All of a sudden, they take a huge part of our living space to discover with all their senses. There are numerous times when we have work to do but we can not leave the child alone.

Therefore, many parents opt for buying a pack and play for their baby. 4 – angular, 8 – square or round, white, natural or in beech – pack and plays are available to fit almost any home.

Pack and play as cots for the day

The pack and play is interesting when the baby starts to move. Most models are adjustable in height that is they already have the ability to provide the higher playing surface when the baby grows. So the baby is about to wrap height. This provides a possibility to have the baby safe even for a nap or an increased deck area to protect your baby away from the cold ground, especially pets.

Pros and cons of a pack and play

The theme pack and play has both supporters and critics when considering the possibility of limiting. Because the term “restriction” in itself involves two characteristics: protection and a loss of range of motion.

Advantages of a playpen

To protect the baby when you leave the room

The biggest advantage of the pack and play is the opportunity to keep your child in a safe area where it can not hurt. Sometimes, we need to get the room in order, with the pack and play, you do not have to worry about where to leave the little baby in the meantime.

Game Zone without risks

Especially when it comes to doing household work as quickly as possible, parents are happy when they do not need to watch the baby every second when they are in a pack and play. Moreover, the child is happy to play in the pack and play which makes doing the housework far more pleasant

A beautiful protection

Frequently, many children enjoy playing in a safe environment. Not every baby has the same high. The mama or papa will be happy to keep their child in a soft material, a soft padding, and a bar for the first attempt at standing.

Secure zone for toys

Siblings have discovered the acute side effect of the pack and play quickly. The short arms of the little brother or little sister can not reach nearly up to the Lego car that is placed in the center of the pack and play. Many pack and play act as a place to keep toys.

Disadvantages of a pack and play

The “prison” pack and play

Many babies find it hard to lean on the pack and play from the outside. To be set in the small bounded region and develop partly in the pack and play, the baby may be tamed from many things outside. The quick purchase of a pack and play is then a bad buy.


Even babies who accept to be put in the pack and play at the beginning often bored after a short time. Even the purchase of a variety of games for pack and play, it can not satisfy the curiosity of the little ones who have the urge on your own to discover the apartment.

Hazard for small climbing monkey

With the age of the children and the need for movement, many babies start looking for ways to get out of the pack and play. By the time they begin to seek the way through the bars of the playpen, the child may lose its protective function and as a result, it is a source of danger

Back pain

Many pack and play can indeed be adjusted to the height of the children, but when entering or lifting of babies and toddlers, there is a huge burden on the backs of the parents.

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