TOP 5 – Best earbuds under $50.

November 20, 2015

The headset is one of the most widespread technological objects in our homes, as well as television. A situation will not change. For one, music has never been so present in our lives. Moreover, the sources from which the headset can connect multiplied: computer, flat screen, mp3 / mp4 player, amplifier, stereo. There are some criteria for choosing a good headphones for your ears.

First we will give you few common sense tips:

1- There are 3 main types of headphones: large headphones that cover the ears, the headphones that are placed in the pavilion of the ear and in-ear (in-ear).
2- The budget is also various. The range of prices and brands is very broad, from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.
3- The presence of additional functions with the iPhone, in particular, the presence of micro, a command to take or cut the communication, advance to the following piece of music, rewind or pause, volume control , resistance to wetlands for sport …
4- The most importance is that earphones must have a good level of quality for listening to music.
5- The presence of small things such as a cover, a cord wrap, the kind of small gadget that quickly becomes indispensable to use.

On a technical level:

There are some characteristics that helps identify quality:
The impedance: the more the impedance is high over the sound, it will be clear and without background noise.
The sound pressure must be at least 100 decibels, careful not to sound too much, or disfigure its ear!
The bandwidth that will cover from 20 to 20,000 hertz

Now come to the main part of the article, Top 5 Best earbuds under $50.

Best earbuds under 50

It is an established fact if you do use it for phone calls, this should not pose too many problems, they are made for that, however, when you listen to your favorite music and you have a little bit of respect for the music and your ears, you will need to change. Therefore, If your budget does not allow you to pick up the high-end, here are the best earbud that will take care of your ears with less than $50.

5. AKG K323xs with remote control

They are beautiful, well finished, fine and very comfortable for those of you who have small ears. As for performance, they are honest in a medium: the bass is there if a little muddy, but the highs are bright and clear.
You will find best sound for the same price, but if you fancy a bit of luxury and fashion, it is a choice that deserves to exist in this price range.

4. Sol Republic Jax

This is the most expensive of our selection, but it is also the only one to offer a remote control with microphone for taking calls. If you like the bass, it is one for you. They are energetic and full power and it only suffers a slight distortion. Surprisingly, the mids and highs are not dominated, although the voices might be a bit clearer. Its flat cable also has the advantage of being a little less fragile than others.
If you listen to a lot of music with heavy bass, it will be difficult to find a pair of headphones that is as suitable as JAX for a similar price (the remote control premium).

3. Sennheiser CX 200

For the price it is not to be impressed. There has plenty of space and overall good clarity. Do not expect to much bass, but the approach is balanced and it is not afraid of being subjected to all musical tastes. This is not a headset for music lovers of course, but on the other hand, no doubt it is a very good choice for daily budget.
Not the most punchy sound, but a powerful price.

2. Sony XBA-C10

Sony intra designed these so that they are comfortable and stay in place, and it works: these are super comfortable and difficult to dislodge. These are not the most powerful or Basseux-ear, but it is an honest product that offer good performance and agile sound on all styles. Only one failure, recurrent in the headphones of this range, a thin cable, so you had better be careful with it. Good quality and comfortable, the XBA-C10 are bright, clear and more suited to folk at Dubstep.

1. SoundMagic ES20

We just did not know how to deliver SoundMagic headphones of this quality at this price. The little brother of the famous ES10, ES20 the SoundMagic have swapped aluminum for plastic hulls. They are comfortable and have good quality braided cable. The sound is clean and clear and at good balance which make them comfortable on all musical styles. Versatile and elegant, well built, good sound and cheap, SoundMagic ES20 are our favorite product with tight budget. At this price, you have no excuse to to refuse.

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