How to Eliminate Bed Bugs in Your House?

November 21, 2015

Nobody wants to have to deal with the bed bug. Bedbugs tend to focus on in the house and are difficult to combat. Then the fight always happens by a professional company, otherwise you will never get rid of these insects. They usually involve little problem, although they may cause itching and pain. You will mostly find them in bed. What to do about bedbugs?

How bedbug looks

The bed bug is a tiny parasitic insect of only five to six millimeters long. With the naked eye, this insect is so good to see, but the bed bug is most certainly not. In Europe, we know only one species, but there are more than one species. The species found in the Netherlands, only species that drink the blood of people. This insect is not parasitic because it drink your blood and leave behind an ugly red spot and you get anything positive in return.

The bed bug is brown to dark red. Bedbugs are slightly redder as they just have to drink blood and become browner as it is already a while ago. Bedbugs can live up to eight months without any food, so do not think that they are dead if you were just on vacation.

Signs that you have bedbugs in your home

There are some clues you may find that you may have bedbugs in your house. So it might be a small dropping in your bed. These tiny brown grains that lie in your bed could therefore be just small droppings. If you discover that in bed, then you can often find a clue: red bumps and / or spots on your skin. Red bumps and spots indicate that a bed bug has bitten the skin broken and some blood has been sucked up.

Further guidance may be tiny larvae or nymphs. These nymphs of the bed bug are smaller, but are brownish in color. Furthermore, you could have itching, but no lump. This may also indicate bedbugs, because mosquitoes always leave a lump behind.

Bedbugs will be especially found in your bedroom. They are always emerges in dark places and are therefore also only at night. Around your bed, skirting boards and base units, you will find them the most.

Eliminate bedbugs

The fight against bedbugs is a professional battle. The most professional companies know how to deal with an infestation of bedbugs. Bedbugs are insects that are stubborn – as mentioned earlier – eight months can survive without food.

Companies eliminate bedbugs usually make an inventory. They need to know where the bugs are. It could be good that not only you, but also your neighbors can stay away from bedbugs. So there will be an overall summary, after you and, if necessary, be informed your neighbors.

Then everything, but really everything should be cleaned completely. Everything will also be disinfected and total cleaned. It is also important that the air is fresh again, but you do not remove the substances. This means that you have at least a week is not clean, you must ventilate the house well (especially right after the fight) and your pet should not be washed.

With a bit of bad luck, there is a risk that there is a second control is needed. All in all, make sure that you do not move things in the meantime. Above all, make sure that bedbugs can not spread again, because then you can start scratch again.

On the internet, there are several reliable websites that go deeper into this problem, one of which is bedbug fight that fight specializing in bedbugs such as:

Problems encountered

The main problems that arise in humans are pain and itch. The pain and itching usually go away fairly quickly – it does not take much longer than two days. The red bumps, on the other hand, can be visible four to five weeks. Also, bed bugs bring with them nasty bacteria and viruses which can lead to inflammation or fever. In principle, this is not bad, but if you really want hundred percent assurance that you have nothing, go to the doctor!

Above are some recommendations to help you stay away from bed bugs. Always try to keep you house clean and fresh, eliminate all the unnecessary things, so that you will immediate find out the present of bed bugs. Good luck!

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