How to Choose Best Sewing Machine for Beginners?.

November 21, 2015

One of the first dilemmas encountered when you intend to have a work of dressmaking, it is the choice of the machine. The most important is to determine what features will be necessary. There is no need to go on too sophisticated model if you are not sure you will like sewing. But also keep in mind that a cheap machine will not always a bargain.

The best sewing machine for beginners is both a simple machine to use and offer enough opportunities for you to progress. It is best to go to a specialty store to receive all the necessary information to help you make your choice. Feel free to perform an experiment on machine shop. Take with you an old cloth and train yourself!

In most sewing machine shops, you can find sewing machines revised occasion and warranty: do not hesitate! Better a good used machine than a new low-quality machine! One of the first questions you ask yourself: mechanical or electronic?

Mechanical or electronic sewing machine?

The great debate among the seamstresses, is whether you need a mechanical or electronic.

Mechanical Sewing Machine: As the name suggests, it is mechanical, not electronic. The settings are done manually. These are the most financially accessible machines.
Electronic fancy sewing machine: Electronic machine is equipped with a small computer that automates a large number of settings. It is generally more nervous than a mechanical machine. Its engine, it is a higher purchase stroke.

Initially, this will be largely a matter of budget. If you want a price around $100, it will be a mechanical, it can start to be more than enough. But if you are sure of yourself and you can offer you right now electronic, so enjoy!
Electronic machines allow a more intuitive fashion because the machine takes care of the settings for you (many settings are pre-). They are also somewhat more silent and more accurate, particularly in the speed control.
The graduation intervals in the width and stitch length setting is thinner, some automatic breakpoint functions, stops to lift needle planted or are proposed.

The essential chracteristics of a sewing machine


What is the robustness? That means a solid machine that you can sew thick materials like jeans, wool. How to recognize a solid machine? It is not easy, but there are some clues:

– The weight of the machine is indicative of its strength. The first prize machines are often very light, with a thin shell that sounds hollow.
– Price: machinery less than $100 are often of poor quality (May be there are a few exceptions

2. Points

The professionals often sell machines with 50 different points. Very nice but believe me, all you need are 5 points!

A good machine is: the straight stitch, reverse, zigzag and buttonholes
It is really important: Power manually adjust the length and width of the point.
What for ? Because according to the material, thickness and the desired finish you’ll need to adjust your point. The pre-set machine you are limited to poor quality seams because they do not adapt to all possibilities of tissue.

3. The accessories

With your machine, you need:

– A free arm: the ability to remove or shift the arm of the machine to close seams (eg circle).
– A buttonhole foot. Check if it is sold with or invest immediately in the foot, you will be soon helpful.
– A zipper foot. Ideally, you need the classic foot to foot and invisible zip.

Sewing machine models

This article will recommend some models that we find reliable, not too expensive that are best for you to get started:
– SILVERCREST (mechanical): Lidl brand

– BROTHER CS10 (electronic): an electronic cheap

– BROTHER FS40 (electronic)

– BROTHER Innovis

– JANOME 415 (mechanical)

1.Sewing machines stitchers
The most popular brands still are Brother and Singer, followed by Toyota and Pfaff.

  • Brother Innov’is 30: E, 70 points, very complete, it is the most popular sewing machine with members of Little Lemon
  • Singer 155, perfect to start with 16 points
  • Innov’is Brother 50: The big sister of the first MAC list
  • Brother JS23, a powerful entry
  • Singer Tradition 2250 ideal for beginners seamstresses
  • Singer Starlet 354, an older model and widespread
  • Brother XL2600
  • Brother ES 2000
  • Brother MS 4 which has the distinction of being customizable (through a picture frame!)

2. Sewing machines embroiders
Some of you want to have sewing machines embroiders. The top 5 is as follows:

  • Brother Innov’is 900
  • Singer Futura 7000
  • Brother 1500D Innov’is
  • Husqvarna Designer SE
  • Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0

And for the kids?
Avoid absolutely “toy machine”! Of course, your child will be safer because they have “hide and needles” that prevent little fingers from being injured but they present problems of irreversible after 15 minutes … Your child will do nothing, and will quickly disappointed! Let’s be clear (s): if your child wants to sew, they need an adult to accompany him in his approach. Do not leave a child to sew alone! We can choose one of these models for your kid:
– JANOME Green 19

Hope you find an ideal sewing machine for your dreamwork!


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