Choose a Paper Shredder.

November 14, 2015

We are living in an era wherein even our personal info can be retrieved from a paper you just left on your desk. These documents could contain your personal data, social security number, and other confidential information you have. It is highly recommended that you run the paper through a shredder before throwing them away. Thieves can easily take advantage if you fail to do this and before you know it, they have stolen from you. You can do the shredding by hand or take all of your documents to a company so they can shred it for you. Before buying a paper shredder, here’s how you can choose wisely:

Know the right size for you

If you have enough space where you can put the paper shredder, buy one that is 20 to 25 inches tall because they have more storage space inside. There are desktop models you can buy which are smaller, but they’ll take more time to shred paper and the need to empty it is more frequent.

Consider the features

If you have stored your tax records that come in annually and other documents that are important, make sure that the model you choose will be able to handle such huge task. There are paper shredder reviews you can read to help you pick. If shredding is not a regular thing for you and do it only on occasions, consider getting a shredder that comes with an ‘auto” button because this will let you set the shredder to be ready for work without it being noisy until you start putting in paper for shredding.

The safety of the machine

There isn’t really any safety concerns with any of the shredders that are being sold today. Shredders have a slat which is too small for children to insert their finger in it and get injured. There are also wastepaper-basket shredders that weigh more have no drawer have the tendency to tip over and they are not easy to empty.

Predict the disposal issues in advance

Consider how much paper you will be shredding daily or weekly and if you start to shred more paper than usual, you might have to get a larger shredder and there should be enough room in your office where you can put it. You can also think about it if you can recycle the paper in your office or if you really need to put it in the shredder.

Is the machine versatile?

This is a criteria that you should really consider because aside from shredding paper that you will shred regularly, some are built for also shredding staples, credit cards, paper clips, DVDs/CDs, and mail that you consider to be junk.

What is the paper weight?

Any paper shredder you buy can shred regular bond paper, but if you are also thinking of shredding thick glossy paper, make sure that the paper shredder you have will be able to handle that kind of task. There are some which can also take on harder material like credit card and CDs, but you would have to sharpen them more often.

How many will be using the machine?

This is a consideration that some people fail to make because even if it is inside your office, some can come in and ask if they can use the machine.


These are what you need to look for when buying a paper shredder because your money will just go to waste if you buy the wrong thing. There are a lot of paper shredders out there, but if you know how to choose, you can’t go wrong.

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