Common Faults on Sewing Machine/Embroidery Machine and How to Repair.
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Despite the fact that you have the best sewing machine or best embroidery machine, it may break down sometime. The maintenance of a sewing machine is important if you want it to last long. Repairing your sewing machine is sometimes necessary: that failures are due to wear, breakage of a spare part or mishandling, it is sometimes possible to repair without a technician. This article will show you the repair guide of the sewing machine. Sewing Machine Repair: find fault In case of breakdown or malfunction, we have to identify the cause. Repairing a sewing machine which is in good condition When a machine that always perfectly work but its motor seems to run a string of incidents, we must first check the threading, which is involved almost nine out of ten. Firstly, you need to check the bobbin thread and make sure the thread is threaded correctly: it must pass under the tension spring. Then, check all the way over the top; the yarn can be caught (it is sometimes the case around the coil carrier). These manipulations are also realized in the following cases: your thread breaks, or the points are poorly trained and resemble large curls tangled…

Tips to buy a sewing machine
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Novice seamstresses often want to purchase a sewing machine in major retail chains such as Kruidvat, Aldi, Lidl, Ikea Macro and even tempted to buy aircraft of less than 100 euros. When a novice seamstress asked me for advice, I gave her some points. And I would like to share with you, maybe there are girls sitting with the same questions: What is the best sewing machines for beginners? 1. The motor The most important part of a sewing machine is the motor (as in a car). The options and performance are of great important, but the engine determines how long your machine will live, and how much aggravation you will do if something fails … For light cotton fabrics (eg. for skirt) you have no heavy engine needed but if you have eg. jeans which is going to choke, then you need more power. And that is exactly where these cheaper models save: the power of the engine. 2. The appearance A free arm is important for, for example, small openings such as sleeves, cuffs, therefore you must clear the dust settled around the free arm. A built-in light is convenient, but you may as well use a table…

How to Choose Best Sewing Machine for Beginners?.
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One of the first dilemmas encountered when you intend to have a work of dressmaking, it is the choice of the machine. The most important is to determine what features will be necessary. There is no need to go on too sophisticated model if you are not sure you will like sewing. But also keep in mind that a cheap machine will not always a bargain. The best sewing machine for beginners is both a simple machine to use and offer enough opportunities for you to progress. It is best to go to a specialty store to receive all the necessary information to help you make your choice. Feel free to perform an experiment on machine shop. Take with you an old cloth and train yourself! In most sewing machine shops, you can find sewing machines revised occasion and warranty: do not hesitate! Better a good used machine than a new low-quality machine! One of the first questions you ask yourself: mechanical or electronic? Mechanical or electronic sewing machine? The great debate among the seamstresses, is whether you need a mechanical or electronic. Mechanical Sewing Machine: As the name suggests, it is mechanical, not electronic. The settings are done manually….

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs in Your House?
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Nobody wants to have to deal with the bed bug. Bedbugs tend to focus on in the house and are difficult to combat. Then the fight always happens by a professional company, otherwise you will never get rid of these insects. They usually involve little problem, although they may cause itching and pain. You will mostly find them in bed. What to do about bedbugs? How bedbug looks The bed bug is a tiny parasitic insect of only five to six millimeters long. With the naked eye, this insect is so good to see, but the bed bug is most certainly not. In Europe, we know only one species, but there are more than one species. The species found in the Netherlands, only species that drink the blood of people. This insect is not parasitic because it drink your blood and leave behind an ugly red spot and you get anything positive in return. The bed bug is brown to dark red. Bedbugs are slightly redder as they just have to drink blood and become browner as it is already a while ago. Bedbugs can live up to eight months without any food, so do not think that they are…

TOP 5 – Best earbuds under $50.
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The headset is one of the most widespread technological objects in our homes, as well as television. A situation will not change. For one, music has never been so present in our lives. Moreover, the sources from which the headset can connect multiplied: computer, flat screen, mp3 / mp4 player, amplifier, stereo. There are some criteria for choosing a good headphones for your ears. First we will give you few common sense tips: 1- There are 3 main types of headphones: large headphones that cover the ears, the headphones that are placed in the pavilion of the ear and in-ear (in-ear). 2- The budget is also various. The range of prices and brands is very broad, from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. 3- The presence of additional functions with the iPhone, in particular, the presence of micro, a command to take or cut the communication, advance to the following piece of music, rewind or pause, volume control , resistance to wetlands for sport … 4- The most importance is that earphones must have a good level of quality for listening to music. 5- The presence of small things such as a cover, a cord wrap, the kind of…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cooking.
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If you are planning on buying an induction cooktop, there are several things you need to know about it. There are advantages and disadvantages, but people have been using it for quite some time. Over the years, induction cooking has become more popular and because of the growing demand, manufacturers have already created a portable induction cooktop so that it can be used even when they are on the go. However, like any other product, the disadvantages of an induction cooktop can also be experienced. It will just depend on how you will adapt to using it despite of the disadvantages. Let us talk about the advantages of induction cooking If there is a cooktop that works with an induction, you will get heat right away. It is easy to think that you are already getting that with gas, but what you don’t know is that induction cooktops take lesser time to heat water compared to gas because of the technology it has. No heat is wasted because it is applied directly to the cooking mechanism by the magnetic field and also all of the energy sources that get transferred to the cooking vessel. Unlike when you use gas or…

Choose a Paper Shredder.
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We are living in an era wherein even our personal info can be retrieved from a paper you just left on your desk. These documents could contain your personal data, social security number, and other confidential information you have. It is highly recommended that you run the paper through a shredder before throwing them away. Thieves can easily take advantage if you fail to do this and before you know it, they have stolen from you. You can do the shredding by hand or take all of your documents to a company so they can shred it for you. Before buying a paper shredder, here’s how you can choose wisely: Know the right size for you If you have enough space where you can put the paper shredder, buy one that is 20 to 25 inches tall because they have more storage space inside. There are desktop models you can buy which are smaller, but they’ll take more time to shred paper and the need to empty it is more frequent. Consider the features If you have stored your tax records that come in annually and other documents that are important, make sure that the model you choose will be…

Eisenhart Custom Coordinates Due
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Eisenhart Wallcoverings plans to offer a merchandising program of custom decorating fabrics that coordinate with Eisenhart wallpaper collections. The new fabric collection, which will be called Custom Home Coordinates, will allow retailers to profit from add-on sales of custom bedding ensembles and other home accessories. The collection will offer products such as bedding, window treatments and table cloths in several different Celestial Interiors fabrics and colors. Starting with the new Celestial Interiors collection, Eisenhart Wallcoverings, a supplier of wallpapers, borders and fabrics will begin offering retailers Custom Home Coordinates – a merchandising program of custom decorative home fashions that coordinate with existing Eisenhart collections. “[Custom Home Coordinates] is a system by which one can pick classic bed ensembles and accessories using any Eisenhart fabric in any form [of design!, “said Linda Newman Brown, Eisenhart’s marketing manager. Retailers that already carry Eisenhart inventory, added Newman Brown, can profit from add-on sales with Eisenhart’s Custom Home Coordinates. “Now we offer products that go with the other [Eisenhart] lines,” she added, noting that products from the program are, “custom-made, not ready-made.”

GATT Passage Draws Mostly Applause
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Executives also worried that increased global competition will quicken the deterioration of a U.S. manufacturing base that is already hurt by ever-increasing imports. “GATT will affect labor issues and companies will have to cut costs to remain competitive,” says Ed Auten, director of merchandising and design for Dicey. “[Foreign] companies will not have to follow the health care and labor regulations we have [in the U.S.].” Other problems were noted by Mischen. “The biggest problem is the theft of design, especially in the print business. The shipping and logistics are so complicated. Service and quality too.” David Pearce, president of Golding Fabrics, cited another issue. “We are an environmentally sensitive company. All these standards have to be there or we don’t do business [overseas]. We are in the business where everything is in fair play. We can buy the cheapest cotton. We don’t want to.” Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements In response to decorative fabric manufacturer concerns, Armfield relates that the agreement approved by Congress contains a number of provisions that are vital to protect the interests of the U.S. textile industry. “These include a change in the assembly rule of origin, product integration administered by the Committee…

Textile Industry Officials Reacted
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Textile industry officials reacted differently when Congress passed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Decorative fabric suppliers were concerned about the United States continuing to be a leader in international economic matters, while the American Textile Manufacturers Institute officials expressed strong support for the commercial treaty. Of concern to most industry members was the phaseout of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement. Reactions were mixed to the passage of the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The American Textile Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) The official voice in Washington, D.C., government circles for American textile and apparel concerns, applauded the approval of the trade pact. GATT is expected to liberalize trade between the United States and 123 other countries by reducing tariffs, eliminating quotas and opening new markets for retailers and manufacturers. “With the phasing out of the quota system currently in place, the textile industry’s challenge is to take advantage of new trade opportunities available to them to make up for any losses in production and jobs caused by the increase in textile and apparel imports,” explains William J. Armfield IV, president of the ATMI. Executives from decorative fabric suppliers were not as optimistic, asserting that the new…