New Treatment for Wool Rugs

September 8, 2015

Sentry Systems has introduced a new treatment for wool rugs that protects them from soils and stains while inhibiting the growth of germs and destroying bacteria. Rug Sentry technology is used as the rugs are washed, mothproofed, stainproofed and made resistant to static electricity and soil. The treatment is durable, but stains from drain cleaners, paint, insecticides and a few other solutions are not guaranteed to come out.

New technology for the protection of wool rugs

Sentry Systems, a newly formed chemical applications company specializing in natural fiber treatments, has reported the introduction of Rug Sentry, a new technology for the protection of wool rugs.

According to Ronnie Cargle, Sentry Systems president and director of dyeing and finishing for Horizon Industries, Rug Sentry is part of a new class of stain and soil blockers.

“This is a proprietary process, which uses an anti-microbial treatment which destroys existing bacteria and suppresses the spread of germs thereafter,” he said.

During application, he explained, the solution is fully introduced to the rug, from the tips of the yarn to the cotton or silk foundation yarns. During the process, the rugs are washed, stainproofed, mothproofed and treated for soil and static resistance.

The treatment is expected to cost between $1 and $3 per square foot of rug, depending on weight and type of rug. The treatment is currently being produced, and may be unveiled as soon as January at the National Floor Covering Market. According to Cargle, Atlanta-based area rug supplier Horizon Pacific plans to use the solution on its new rug lines.

“Rug Sentry becomes an integral part of the rug, offering continuing protection against typical household staining agents such as coffee, red wine, Kool Aid and mustard,” said Cargle. “Even after a number of vigorous shampooings, the efficacy of the treatment is preserved. Rug Sentry meets and exceeds industry safety standards.”

Cargle said that wool fiber has a different molecular structure from manmade fibers, and requires chemistry engineered for those differences.

“In many other processes, various fluorochemicals and silicones are topically applied to the rug, providing only nominal protection to the tips and upper 20 percent of the pile,” he said. “Such spray applications are fugitive and tend to break away from the fiber, especially in high-traffic areas. At best, these treatments offer temporary protection; at worst, they often downgrade a rug’s appearance as traffic lanes become increasingly soiled.

“The fiber of preference for fine rugs, since the invention of the handloom, has been wool. Rug Sentry will allow consumers to put aside their concern and buy wool rugs with complete confidence. Sentry Systems offers a five-year guarantee that if the consumer can’t remove the stain, or if we can’t, we’ll replace the rug.”

Stains exempt from the guarantee include those that are currently also exempted by other chemical firms, including bleach, peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, drain cleaners, paint, plant food and insecticides.

Rug Sentry’s guarantee is otherwise unconditional and provides for one free washing after three years.

“Our chemistry is durable,” said Cargle, “but only washing can remove the particles of dirt and grit which erode the pile yarn, so we do recommend that rugs be washed every few years.”

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