10 fun activities to do with kids when you are camping in garden.

The cliché is: if your children have the sense, you have that too. For me at least a cliché that’s true. We involve our boys all the preparations: in the map or Google Maps to show where we are going and how we are going to ride. They can each assemble a bag or crate with toys they would like to carry. They cannot stop us anyway blame that we have forgotten their Lego and toy cars. Prepare tent (look for tents for sale), utensils and individual items, and then let’s go for a camping trip. Follow are my first top 10 fun activities to do with children in and around the camp.

1. Treasure hunt

Make a list of treasures you have to find, as a pine cone, an anthill, a sheet of a certain tree, horse poo. If you have slightly older children, they nicely with their mobile phone to take a picture of the judge as evidence.

2. Walking

Almost all campsites are surrounded by nature. From the campsite you walk in a forest or nature. What I like is that animals and plants that do not stand out to me or that I think “I know them well or” just my children do receive full attention. So by my children I look differently to nature. You can make it more challenging by walking on a compass. And who knows, in the vicinity of the camp site or off GPS routes. I say go for it! And then take the road for a picnic basket and a blanket with you so you can plop down and munch your sandwich.

3. Make Campfire

Not allowed on each campsite, but hopefully you got lucky enough to stay at the ‘good’ camp. First find a nice and safe place and put extinguishing material (water or sand). Then you go with your children to collect firewood and kindling. Then you need flammable material, such as dried grass, down feathers and dry pine cones. When you have searched all together that you can get started. If you are going to tell stories, it is more exciting in the dark.

4. Marshmallows or bread toast

If the fire still burns, make your own snack. Prick marshmallows or sausages on a stick and roast them over the fire. It is best if the fire is not as high, but it has to smolder. What goes perfect is baking a bun. Make sure you have dough, make it clear and let the dough rise. If it has risen enough, you make a ball of dough and prick it with a stick. Now quietly turning around over the fire, wait and enjoy! Continue reading “10 fun activities to do with kids when you are camping in garden.”

When to Not Use Essential Oil for Kids.

Essential oils are highly concentrated because they come from distilled aromatic constituents that come from plants. One drop of essential oil is the same as 15 to 40 cups of medicinal tea depending on the type or about 10 teaspoons of tincture. This amount is or medicinal tea and tincture is not good for kids and there have been several reported cases of seizures that happened in children because they didn’t take essential oils the proper way. This indicates that essential oils can be neurotoxic in children so kids should never use them internally. If you apply it topically or vaporize it, essential oils are safe for children when used at the right amount.  Always ask “what is the best essential oil diffuser?” To avoid buying the wrong thing.

How to use essential oil on kids correctly

  • You should always use a carrier oil with the essential oil when applying it to the skin. Carrier oils are a type of base oil that will slightly dilute the essential oil to prevent the skin from being in direct contact with the essential oil. These essential oils should never be directly applied to the skin because it can cause allergic contact dermatitis if there is no carrier oil mixed in. There should be about 1 to 2 drops of essential oil in 1 to 3 teaspoons of carrier oil. These carrier oils are olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil, or oils that fall under the ‘mild’ or ‘gentle’ category. Before applying essential oils, mix them with carrier oils.
  • The oils should not be close to your nose and mouth. There are recommendations telling you that essential oils should only be applied to the feet of babies and children. This is good because it gives space that goes between the airways and where the essential oil is coming from. You only have to make sure that the baby will not try to put his foot inside his mouth.
  • If someone is living in the house who is suffering from a respiratory disease, do not use a vaporizer. This is true because several asthma patients experienced aggregated airways because they used essential oils with aerosol. If your kid has asthma, be careful in using essential oils on them because a lot of essential oils will cause inflammation in the respiratory tract.

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How to use a router table.

The router is an indispensable tool for any serious woodworker. It is mainly used to dig the wood. Routers are very versatile tools used in wood molding, trim creation, and much more. A router table is used by professional woodworkers for the majority of their routing needs. This is mainly for the safety factor of having the router and the router bit in a stationary position. Router Table makes the process a lot safer and easier than by hand. The do it yourself handyman can use a router table for more precision and speed as he knows how to use a few tricks with the woodworking router table.


  • Make sure the router and router table foot is flat. Place a long straight edge across the router table, router plate. Look to see if there are any gaps between the router plate and the router table. Set the router plate up or down a perfectly flat surface. Consult your manual for specific instructions for adjusting the plate.
  • Install the cutter you want to use for your project. Set up the router for the correct height of the bit. Select the appropriate router plate ring to connect so tightly on the cutter as possible without touching the bit to. This helps to keep the wood chipping and increase dust control.
  • Set the router fence, so that the gate is even with the outer edge of the cutter bearing. Use a straight edge to. This ensures that the router cuts the correct profile and not gouge the wood.
  • Set the router fence bring it as close as possible to the bit so that the bit will not intersect the gate when in use. Most store-bought router fences come with a two-part fence system for retrofitting. Consult the manual for specific instructions adaptation.
  • Connect the dust extraction system to the dust port on the back of the router fence. This will be the majority of the dust and dirt if the router removed for a cleaner and safer cut.
  • Enter the timber with the aid of push-hold blocks and pads to hold smaller pieces of wood. These give you more control and make the cuts a lot safer. Keep your fingers away from the blade.
  • Keep your work tight against the fence and table with spring boards for long pieces of wood. A spring board maintains a constant one-way pressure on the timber as it is fed through the router table. This prevents kickback and keep your fingers away from the blade.


  • Wax the table and fence with paste wax. This makes feeding all components through the router table easier.
    Wear safety goggles when using power tools.
  • There are simply too many types of cutters available for woodworking. You can also ask for little adapted to the particular design you want on your wood. Knives are easy to use, especially if you have a routing table. Once you have a router for woodworking wonder why it took so long for you to get one.
  • When buying knives, buying high quality that, when used properly, they will remain sharp for many years. Frese quality designed properly and make the best parts, with less vibration.
  • Router woodworking tools are strong that cause dust and chips flying in all directions. Wear safety goggles, a mask and headphones to protect against dust and noise.
    Use the router with the bit
  • Make sure that the height of the router is good for the height of the tip. The height of the router if necessary.
    Wear protective clothing.
  • Tips are available in various shapes and sizes. Some of the timber can perform better in a straight line. Others cut a notch (bar) on the edge of the wood. There are router bits for special applications. Choose from the many available varieties.

In general, you have gone through some tips to use a router table. Surely, it is the indispensable tools for person who works in woodworking. Hope you have many masterpiece wood products with a good router and best router table.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to inform us. Continue reading “How to use a router table.”

Common Faults on Sewing Machine/Embroidery Machine and How to Repair.

Despite the fact that you have the best sewing machine or best embroidery machine, it may break down sometime. The maintenance of a sewing machine is important if you want it to last long. Repairing your sewing machine is sometimes necessary: that failures are due to wear, breakage of a spare part or mishandling, it is sometimes possible to repair without a technician. This article will show you the repair guide of the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Repair: find fault

In case of breakdown or malfunction, we have to identify the cause.

Repairing a sewing machine which is in good condition

When a machine that always perfectly work but its motor seems to run a string of incidents, we must first check the threading, which is involved almost nine out of ten. Firstly, you need to check the bobbin thread and make sure the thread is threaded correctly: it must pass under the tension spring. Then, check all the way over the top; the yarn can be caught (it is sometimes the case around the coil carrier).

These manipulations are also realized in the following cases: your thread breaks, or the points are poorly trained and resemble large curls tangled together.

Repairing a sewing machine that does not light up

When you are faced with a machine that you can not get to turn on, the problem is mechanical:

  • Check the steering wheel state and try to turn it,
  • Check that the shaft of your reel is in the good side and the yarn is not caught in the hook: if this is the case, it is sufficient to remove the hook and cleaning,
  • Finally, make sure the outlet connected the machine works well.

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How to Choose Best Sewing Machine for Beginners?.

One of the first dilemmas encountered when you intend to have a work of dressmaking, it is the choice of the machine. The most important is to determine what features will be necessary. There is no need to go on too sophisticated model if you are not sure you will like sewing. But also keep in mind that a cheap machine will not always a bargain.

The best sewing machine for beginners is both a simple machine to use and offer enough opportunities for you to progress. It is best to go to a specialty store to receive all the necessary information to help you make your choice. Feel free to perform an experiment on machine shop. Take with you an old cloth and train yourself!

In most sewing machine shops, you can find sewing machines revised occasion and warranty: do not hesitate! Better a good used machine than a new low-quality machine! One of the first questions you ask yourself: mechanical or electronic?

Mechanical or electronic sewing machine?

The great debate among the seamstresses, is whether you need a mechanical or electronic.

Mechanical Sewing Machine: As the name suggests, it is mechanical, not electronic. The settings are done manually. These are the most financially accessible machines.
Electronic fancy sewing machine: Electronic machine is equipped with a small computer that automates a large number of settings. It is generally more nervous than a mechanical machine. Its engine, it is a higher purchase stroke.

Initially, this will be largely a matter of budget. If you want a price around $100, it will be a mechanical, it can start to be more than enough. But if you are sure of yourself and you can offer you right now electronic, so enjoy!
Electronic machines allow a more intuitive fashion because the machine takes care of the settings for you (many settings are pre-). They are also somewhat more silent and more accurate, particularly in the speed control.
The graduation intervals in the width and stitch length setting is thinner, some automatic breakpoint functions, stops to lift needle planted or are proposed.

The essential chracteristics of a sewing machine


What is the robustness? That means a solid machine that you can sew thick materials like jeans, wool. How to recognize a solid machine? It is not easy, but there are some clues:

– The weight of the machine is indicative of its strength. The first prize machines are often very light, with a thin shell that sounds hollow. Continue reading “How to Choose Best Sewing Machine for Beginners?.”

TOP 5 – Best earbuds under $50.

The headset is one of the most widespread technological objects in our homes, as well as television. A situation will not change. For one, music has never been so present in our lives. Moreover, the sources from which the headset can connect multiplied: computer, flat screen, mp3 / mp4 player, amplifier, stereo. There are some criteria for choosing a good headphones for your ears.

First we will give you few common sense tips:

1- There are 3 main types of headphones: large headphones that cover the ears, the headphones that are placed in the pavilion of the ear and in-ear (in-ear).
2- The budget is also various. The range of prices and brands is very broad, from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.
3- The presence of additional functions with the iPhone, in particular, the presence of micro, a command to take or cut the communication, advance to the following piece of music, rewind or pause, volume control , resistance to wetlands for sport …
4- The most importance is that earphones must have a good level of quality for listening to music.
5- The presence of small things such as a cover, a cord wrap, the kind of small gadget that quickly becomes indispensable to use.

On a technical level:

There are some characteristics that helps identify quality:
The impedance: the more the impedance is high over the sound, it will be clear and without background noise.
The sound pressure must be at least 100 decibels, careful not to sound too much, or disfigure its ear!
The bandwidth that will cover from 20 to 20,000 hertz

Now come to the main part of the article, Top 5 Best earbuds under $50.

Best earbuds under 50

It is an established fact if you do use it for phone calls, this should not pose too many problems, they are made for that, however, when you listen to your favorite music and you have a little bit of respect for the music and your ears, you will need to change. Therefore, If your budget does not allow you to pick up the high-end, here are the best earbud that will take care of your ears with less than $50.

5. AKG K323xs with remote control

They are beautiful, well finished, fine and very comfortable for those of you who have small ears. As for performance, they are honest in a medium: the bass is there if a little muddy, but the highs are bright and clear.
You will find best sound for the same price, but if you fancy a bit of luxury and fashion, it is a choice that deserves to exist in this price range. Continue reading “TOP 5 – Best earbuds under $50.”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cooking.

If you are planning on buying an induction cooktop, there are several things you need to know about it. There are advantages and disadvantages, but people have been using it for quite some time. Over the years, induction cooking has become more popular and because of the growing demand, manufacturers have already created a portable induction cooktop so that it can be used even when they are on the go. However, like any other product, the disadvantages of an induction cooktop can also be experienced. It will just depend on how you will adapt to using it despite of the disadvantages.

Let us talk about the advantages of induction cooking

  • If there is a cooktop that works with an induction, you will get heat right away. It is easy to think that you are already getting that with gas, but what you don’t know is that induction cooktops take lesser time to heat water compared to gas because of the technology it has.
  • No heat is wasted because it is applied directly to the cooking mechanism by the magnetic field and also all of the energy sources that get transferred to the cooking vessel. Unlike when you use gas or other electric cookers, conversion to heat from energy has to happen first before it goes to the cooking pan or vessel.
  • Your kitchen will remain cool because the cooking pan and the food will be able transfer their heat to the area, but if compared to gas or other means for cooking, induction does not cause too much heat in your kitchen and the stovetop will also stay cool because it easily does not get warm except of course under the cooking pan. You will not your burn your fingers anymore and avoid spills so that children will remain safe.
  • They are easier to clean compared to gas or electric cookers and spilling food is almost unavoidable. Gas cookers have a lot of places where small pieces of food can hide, but if you are using an induction cooker, you won’t have to worry about that. Cleaning an induction cooker only involves wiping the surface using a damp cloth. Cleaning takes lesser time and if you are tired, it won’t take much of your effort.

Now the disadvantages

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Choose a Paper Shredder.

We are living in an era wherein even our personal info can be retrieved from a paper you just left on your desk. These documents could contain your personal data, social security number, and other confidential information you have. It is highly recommended that you run the paper through a shredder before throwing them away. Thieves can easily take advantage if you fail to do this and before you know it, they have stolen from you. You can do the shredding by hand or take all of your documents to a company so they can shred it for you. Before buying a paper shredder, here’s how you can choose wisely:

Know the right size for you

If you have enough space where you can put the paper shredder, buy one that is 20 to 25 inches tall because they have more storage space inside. There are desktop models you can buy which are smaller, but they’ll take more time to shred paper and the need to empty it is more frequent.

Consider the features

If you have stored your tax records that come in annually and other documents that are important, make sure that the model you choose will be able to handle such huge task. There are paper shredder reviews you can read to help you pick. If shredding is not a regular thing for you and do it only on occasions, consider getting a shredder that comes with an ‘auto” button because this will let you set the shredder to be ready for work without it being noisy until you start putting in paper for shredding.

The safety of the machine

There isn’t really any safety concerns with any of the shredders that are being sold today. Shredders have a slat which is too small for children to insert their finger in it and get injured. There are also wastepaper-basket shredders that weigh more have no drawer have the tendency to tip over and they are not easy to empty.

Predict the disposal issues in advance

Consider how much paper you will be shredding daily or weekly and if you start to shred more paper than usual, you might have to get a larger shredder and there should be enough room in your office where you can put it. You can also think about it if you can recycle the paper in your office or if you really need to put it in the shredder. Continue reading “Choose a Paper Shredder.”

Additional uses of canopy

Content of the article:

  • Awnings to start arts and crafts show sellers
  • Bring a canopy on your boat
  • Bring a canopy for the football game
  • Use a canopy to your garage sale
  • Show pride in your team with veil
  • Direct traffic with awning
  • The best awnings of Arts and Crafts Shows

Canopy to start arts and crafts show sellers

Because the best artistic performances and work are outside, you’ll need a high-quality canopy to withstand high winds and rain. It is worth the cost because of the durability, but may not be realistic for your budget artisan begins. If you do not know if you’ll stick to artistic performances, crafts, or are not willing to invest in a high-quality awning for any reason, consider partnering with another craftsman begins to buy an awning. You can alternate the use of the cheap popup canopies for sale, or share space on the same shows.

If you need all the space for you and you, want to show every weekend, ask around for someone who is ready to sell their quality awning below you for a discount. When you make enough money to buy a better quality of cover for you, return the favor by selling your sail to another beginner.

Bring a canopy on your boat

Shutters are so moving and storage environment that it makes sense to make an – or even keep – on your boat. This way, you will shelter and shade instant where you land. For greater portability, choose a canopy that folds easily and comes with a bag for travel.

Bring a canopy for the football game

A canopy Kids soccer match can provide a comfortable place for team members to wait while they are on the bench and celebrating after the game. Set up a separate canopy for spectators. Awnings are a perfect place to hang the banner of the team, and help create a sense of team unity.

Use a canopy to your garage sale

All you can do when you host a garage sale to make customers more comfortable while browsing will bring you more success. The good idea is to place a group of similar items under a canopy. Set up tables so that your customers will not have to look at inspecting your items, and organize attractive elements. The canopy will make people more likely to spend a few extra minutes out of the scorching heat or rain and to look through your items well organized. Those extra few minutes may be all it takes for them to find something that they should have.

Show pride in your team with veil

If you do a lot of tailgating, you need to consider getting a canopy that is printed with the logo of your team. These accessories are available ultimate tailgating for both professional and college teams. If you can not find exactly what you want, you can have a custom awning for your team. You’ll be the envy of all another tailgater to the stadium, park or neighborhood where you put up your sail.

Direct traffic with awning

To ensure that people come to the front of your sail at a trade show or craft fair, choose a canopy that has a complete panel on the back and partial side panels. Partial side panels create windows that allow customers to see your goods on the sides. They will not be able to walk into your veil on the sides, but will be required to walk through the front of the open canopy where you can greet them and ask them if you can answer their questions.

The best awnings of Arts and Crafts Shows

The artisans who exhibit their art at craft shows should buy a white canopy. The white background shows your trades and does not turn them. Because most art shows give a 10×10 foot area, this size is better. If you go with a pad covered with 10×10, make sure it does not ignite at the ends, as this will require the space of your neighbor and cause problems. If you have many jobs to display and use a canopy, called the show coordinators advance. Many will be willing to rent you an adjacent space or even an extra half space for your larger canopy.

Guide to choose the pack and play

The growth of children is always a process, which is primarily associated with a lot of joy and excitement – and this both for the parents, as also for the children: the first smile, the first babbling or word and, of course, the first step on their own feet and on their own mean for the child, every day to discover the environment in all its facets.

However, a really new dimension in terms of design of the apartment and spatial relationships begins just at the beginning of crawling or walking the child for mom and dad. So the first steps are a great moment, but it also requires a lot of attention due to high risks on the other. To enable the child also in short silent moments which, surveying ‘the world and still be able to be in the next room without feeling guilty, parents repeatedly reach back to pack and play.

They create the possibility that the child with permanent eye contact with her caregiver and protected against all located in the apartment minor and major risk factors, making his first steps and private practice or safely can, as best stands on two legs. Here, a pack and play is not intended to, fencing ‘of the child. Rather, it creates a protected, free space, which helps the child to develop motor skills and tactile and yet never have the feeling of being alone. The result is the first self-confidence and autonomy, while the positive reference to the parents when located in the room, but not retained constricting caregivers.

Insofar pack and play should never be used to the child practically. Pack and play are primarily namely a space, make the children themselves and occupy positively can should – as a private retreat and place where the child is gaining increasing confidence in his first steps

If you talk about pack and play, then opinions differ. Is that still relevant to depose children between four bars? Experts agree: As long as one does not strain the pack and play, he is a useful helper for parents. You really can not let your baby out of the eyes, but you always have works to do. The Federal Centre for Health Education recommends preferring the pack and play because it gives the baby more freedom of movement. And when the kids begin to pull himself up everywhere, they can climb along the fence.

If the pack and play goes with a play mat and the favorite toy, it can there be really comfortable – but sooner or later there will be more exciting out there. “Children have an urge to discover, which can not be limited to time on one or two square meters,” says Sabine Frevert from Bielefeld Institute for Early Childhood Development. “Children must be able to explore their environment, even if it is stressful for the parents, if bookcase and kitchen cabinets are emptied again and again.”

Practically, there are models whose floors you can find at different levels. At this point, it is sufficient if the grid reaches 30 centimeters high. Later, when the little one is larger and agile, it needs a higher barrier, the ground travels correspondingly lower. So the piece of furniture may be about a year in operation.

Why do I need a pack and play?

The pack and play is a cozy place that significantly contributes to the baby’s comfort. Soft pack and play underground offers the perfect base and through the many different designs can also be found for every taste. It can be supplemented of course pillows and definitely a toy, so it is not boring and the baby has no limits on the imagination.


Safety in the home is important and especially for curious babies and toddlers. Therefore, we should take measures to ensure that curiosity does not end up being injured. This can already happen in a short moment of inattention. The pack and play test / comparison show that the pack and play is a good way to prevent this and offer a wide range of models with different sizes and features.

The wide range of shapes, colors can be combined with almost any style is available for every taste. Also, you can look for online shops when. Think carefully before buying about what your requirements are and especially how much space you have. Then the pack and play is a good addition to your household.

Diffuser essential oils: Tips before buying

The essential oils diffuser is ideal for creating different moods in your home and even treats certain diseases. If you choose well, it allows particularly good distribution of flavors while preserving the quality and properties of essential oils. How to make the right choice for its essential oil diffuser? Before you rush out and buy too quickly your essential oil diffuser, I give you my advice in this article.

Diffuser essential oils: 5 criteria to be considered

5 important criteria to consider before buying an essential oil diffuser:

  • The unit does not he distorts the qualities and essential oil properties?
  • Is it noisy? Is it appropriate for a room?
  • Is it suitable for a small or a large room?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Has it a look or a nice design for use as part of decor in a room?

3 types of diffuser electric essential oils:

The diffuser essential oils for micro diffusion

The micro diffusion diffuser is composed of a pump for producing pressurized air. A glass tube immerses in the tank glad essential oil while a second conduit glass tube pressurized air to the tube containing the oil.

With this diffuser, the essential oil is thus driven at high speed by air under pressure and breaks up into microparticles giving a mist coming out of the essential oil diffuser.

With this type of diffuser essential oils, essential oil is diffused cold and pure and therefore preserves its qualities. We recommend this essential oil diffuser into large pieces.

The benefits of essential oil diffuser micro diffusion:

  • This is probably a more powerful for its quality of broadcasting
  • It can cover large areas

But the pump is relatively noisy and glassware was dirty. The essential oils diffuser that works by micro diffusion is usually more expensive to buy but has good durability and great distribution. This is the one I have at home and I highly recommend buying this type of oils essential oils diffuser.

The ultrasound essential oils diffuser

The essential oils diffuser ultrasound is sound but whose frequency is greater than 20 kHz and which can not be heard by the human ear. In this type of diffuser essential oils, a reservoir is provided for mixing water with essential oils.

A membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz, micro-droplets detach from the surface of water so that the liquid, wherein the essential oils have been incorporated. The essential oil is “atomized” into fine droplets so that they evaporate in fog and diffuses into the atmosphere.

With a cold mist produced by ultrasound, they carry the essential oils deposited on the surface of the water in the room air.

The advantages of ultrasonic diffuser essential oils:

  • The diffuser essential oils ultrasound is very quiet and suitable for all essential oils.
  • It has the advantage of preserving the qualities of essential oils diffused.
  • Essential oils are generally consumed quickly in ten minutes and therefore need to add quite often.
  • Because it also vaporizes water, it allows humidification of the air in a room.
  • This type of essential oil diffuser is better suited for smaller rooms.

The ventilation essential oils diffuser

The principle of this essential oil diffuser is very simple, a fan blows air through a pad soaked in essential oils and spreads essential oils in the room.

The ventilation essential oils diffuser is silent and can therefore easily be used in a room or in an office but never in a big room. In this type of essential oil diffuser, the diffusion takes place by evaporation of the oil under the effect of a heating resistor and thus, some components of the essential oil may be degraded.

Note that some essential oil diffusers are fitted with a low temperature thermo resistance. This is the simplest of essential oil diffusers, this range from simple essential oil cup set on the radiator thermostat models through the burned candle. Be careful not to degrade the essential oil temperature must not exceed 45 ° C. It produces no noise so you can put it on a nightstand, on your desktop or in any room with an area less than 15 m2.

We do not recommend this type of diffuser essential oils for heating oil gets rid of some of its properties. He even tends to burn the aroma and can not guarantee a real therapeutic release. To optimize the use of essential oils, do not risk buying this type of essential oil diffuser resistant to heating. And you, do you already have an essential oil diffuser? What kind do you use? Have you encountered difficulties in the use? Are you satisfied with its use?


The essential oil diffuser for Zen atmosphere

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used very often to scent the environment. Depending on the case, one can create a Zen atmosphere, relaxing atmosphere, also broadcast essences for therapeutic purposes as is the case if it disseminates eucalyptus to clear the bronchi in the cold period. Fields of application are numerous.

But we can not distribute all essential oils. We must, therefore, observe certain vigilance against the indications and contraindications and, if in doubt, seek the advice of a specialist.

Aromatherapy: Indications and cons-indications

One can find on the market several models of diffuser starting from the simplest to the most elaborate, are:

  • the heat diffuser
  • the ventilation diffuser
  • the micro-diffusion diffuser

Essential oil diffuser to heat

We encounter the essential oil diffuser heats the base model most often. It is very easy to use and inexpensive. The more artisanal pottery at the design with several materials and modern forms, it is always composed:

  • A cup at its upper part to receive the mixture of essential oils,
  • A lower receptacle in which one slides, usually a candle-type candle tealight.

From about 10 to 30 euros for a heat diffuser, you can make sure to get advice from a specialist regarding the handling of essential oils: type of species, operating time of the heat diffuser – spent some time, your mixture can become toxic due to overheating.

Where to buy your diffuser?

You can check with the stores that already offer the purchase of essential oils, but also on the internet.

Essential oil diffuser ventilation

The essential oil diffuser ventilation, unlike the heat diffuser, uses air to operate. Its main advantage is therefore not to distort the quality of essential oils by overheating due to a lack of vigilance.

However, it is for small spaces because the size of ventilation diffusers does not cover a large room. It runs on batteries and we find some with a USB jack that allows them to adapt to your computer or that can plug into the cigarette lighter of your car if you want to flavor the inside.

From about 20 to 50 euros you can have a ventilation essential oil diffuser.

Where to buy your diffuser?

You can check with the stores that already offer the purchase of essential oils, but also on the internet.

Essential oil diffuser with micro-diffusion

The essential oil diffuser with micro-diffusion is an intermediate device relative to heat diffuser and ventilation diffusers.

Indeed, it does not, therefore, heats does not alter the quality of essential oils and spreads tiny droplets into the atmosphere in large enough quantities to cover a large surface area. It plugs into the industry.

Expect to pay about 130 euros and more for essential oil diffuser with micro-diffusion. So we must have a common purpose opting for this device represents a small investment.

Where to buy your diffuser?

You can check with the stores that already offer the purchase of essential oils, but also on the internet.

Why are some essential oils expensive?

To produce the essential oil, it takes a lot of plants, very much! Which at a cost… This is why 10 ml of this oil you can seem expensive. However, essential oil does not necessarily rhyme with luxury, and by cutting the middleman and margins, it is quite possible to enable everyone to enjoy their benefits.

General precautions

Each essential oil has its own criteria for use, especially regarding the route of absorption favored. It is not recommended to use oils without medical advice.

  • No self-medication in allergic individuals, during the serious condition in kidney failure, etc.
  • Outlaw self-medication with toxic essential oils
  • Never use pure
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Always mix essential oils in vegetable oil for skin applications
  • Never pure essential oils in the ears, nose, and genital-anal areas
  • Beware eyelids, eye contour, face generally above the head, armpits, groin creases
  • Essential oils are not soluble in water, it is imperative to mix in an excipient before pouring in the bath
  • Keep essential oils maximum 5 years (ET certain age faster than others) cool.
  • Keep up bottles to avoid the destruction of the cap
  • Essential oils are highly volatile, although the caps.


Does a pack and play for babies make sense?

The range of motion of a small infant until the baby starts to rotate and move to a small enough play mat maybe even just the corner of the sofa. Eventually, however, soon, the baby will grow up quickly that we even can not realize. They crawl from warm carpet to the cold tiles, slip through freshly wiped floors or chase behind the vacuum cleaner. All of a sudden, they take a huge part of our living space to discover with all their senses. There are numerous times when we have work to do but we can not leave the child alone.

Therefore, many parents opt for buying a pack and play for their baby. 4 – angular, 8 – square or round, white, natural or in beech – pack and plays are available to fit almost any home.

Pack and play as cots for the day

The pack and play is interesting when the baby starts to move. Most models are adjustable in height that is they already have the ability to provide the higher playing surface when the baby grows. So the baby is about to wrap height. This provides a possibility to have the baby safe even for a nap or an increased deck area to protect your baby away from the cold ground, especially pets.

Pros and cons of a pack and play

The theme pack and play has both supporters and critics when considering the possibility of limiting. Because the term “restriction” in itself involves two characteristics: protection and a loss of range of motion.

Advantages of a playpen

To protect the baby when you leave the room

The biggest advantage of the pack and play is the opportunity to keep your child in a safe area where it can not hurt. Sometimes, we need to get the room in order, with the pack and play, you do not have to worry about where to leave the little baby in the meantime.

Game Zone without risks

Especially when it comes to doing household work as quickly as possible, parents are happy when they do not need to watch the baby every second when they are in a pack and play. Moreover, the child is happy to play in the pack and play which makes doing the housework far more pleasant

A beautiful protection

Frequently, many children enjoy playing in a safe environment. Not every baby has the same high. The mama or papa will be happy to keep their child in a soft material, a soft padding, and a bar for the first attempt at standing.

Secure zone for toys

Siblings have discovered the acute side effect of the pack and play quickly. The short arms of the little brother or little sister can not reach nearly up to the Lego car that is placed in the center of the pack and play. Many pack and play act as a place to keep toys.

Disadvantages of a pack and play

The “prison” pack and play

Many babies find it hard to lean on the pack and play from the outside. To be set in the small bounded region and develop partly in the pack and play, the baby may be tamed from many things outside. The quick purchase of a pack and play is then a bad buy.


Even babies who accept to be put in the pack and play at the beginning often bored after a short time. Even the purchase of a variety of games for pack and play, it can not satisfy the curiosity of the little ones who have the urge on your own to discover the apartment.

Hazard for small climbing monkey

With the age of the children and the need for movement, many babies start looking for ways to get out of the pack and play. By the time they begin to seek the way through the bars of the playpen, the child may lose its protective function and as a result, it is a source of danger

Back pain

Many pack and play can indeed be adjusted to the height of the children, but when entering or lifting of babies and toddlers, there is a huge burden on the backs of the parents.

The travel baby pack and play, a profitable investment for the kids?

As a mother, I have observed the difference between my two kids, as I have already mentioned before. Every child is different and what applies to one does not always serve to the other, we happened for example with the pack and play.

Surely, many will regard the travel pack and play a useless junk, especially if your children are like most of mine, who was crying when we left there, but the second experience has been different. It is a restless but the more independent child, so one day I took the old pack and play of his brother and rode without much hope, but at the moment is delighted.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages with these pack and play, and then if you urge to buy one I leave a list of some that I like.

Among the advantages that I find the pack and play is mainly the tranquility of being able to leave the child entertained while doing household chores, showering etc. without having to worry that harm is done, it is the main advantage I see over similar alternatives such as carpets activities. We can leave within their favorite toys, and the bars are a perfect fit to begin to stand with support.

Of course, for each of these advantages is accompanied by a drawback. You may even have one may be able to pose if your house is small, as even the removable usually occupy enough space. I also know that there are parents who get the feeling of locking in “cages” children (and call him evil but mine is that they have always been a real small animal), or who has not been more than a trunk for toys. As always, the end is the child who has the last word on the use we give to most of these things.

Tips before buying a travel cot

You are a new mother or you’re thinking about getting pregnant and you need all kinds of items for your newborn, including the crib.

A travel pack and play is a folding cot used for travel or crib for a second home, pack and play for games, picnics or beach outings, etc.

If you decide to buy a travel cot note the following buying tips:

  1. The travel pack and plays are a good complement to the cradle of the main home for troubled parents used to travel on weekends and holidays, or a long stay in another residence. They have wheels, which are comfortable to have on hand the child in the nursing period, and are foldable and make our life more comfortable journeys.
  2. When buying your travel pack and play appreciates these aspects besides price: The size of the folded and unfolded cot: pack and plays in the market rather large travel and more secluded. The weight; If you have a second use as a pack and play (the largest); If you have at least one side (the header or the child’s feet) can be opened by zipper (not all do). If you have a mesh that allows close them at the top as a mosquito net, which will isolate the baby face of these insects.
  3. If you use the travel pack and play as the only cradle of the house (for reasons of space and / or budget), sailing in the back of your child and uses the same mattress as the crib. Beware mattresses undersized, since the dead spaces between the mattress and the pack and play, could catch the baby and cause suffocation.
  4. If you use the crib as a pack and play, and depending on the age of the baby or child, be careful with detachable side zipper travel pack and play so can not fall for it.
  5. If you use the pack and play as a pack and play and the child is okay and walk by himself, and out of the cradle by the open narrow side, put pads to cushion falls face first out of the pack and play. I will say from experience.
  6. If you use the travel pack and play as a pack and play for the game and filled with toys the child, do not remove the eye. Inadequate access to toy can give you a scare.
  7. As security measures of your travel pack and play, checks that have two wheels on one side (head or feet) and that these have brakes. Meanwhile, the edges should be rounded and should not have screws or protruding parts.
  8. If you use the travel pack and play in a place with little isolated or cold soils, do not forget to place it on a carpet that insulates the child from the cold (the distance between the child and the floor is a foot).
  9. Do not forget to clean and vacuum occasionally the floor of the travel cot, removing the hard folding cover that serves as a bed frame. Children eat cookies and other goodies in the travel pack and play or pack and play and there are crumbs.


How to use pack and play safely for your baby?

Fitness walkers for apprentices or quiet corner for games and discoveries … The joys of the pack and play are numerous. In this article, I will give you tips for the best pack and play.

Pack and play: do not save on safety!

The ideal age to discover the joys of the playpen your child is around 8-9 months, when it starts to play alone, but also to have itchy feet. For that baby can have fun safely, the park must contain the words “consistent with security requirements.” It certifies that the product meets the standards set by the decree of 20 December 1991 on childcare articles.

The park either wood or plastic, whatever. But prefer models barred those with mesh sides: when the child looks through the fine mesh of these pack and plays, it is also in a murky world as seen by a short-sighted!

And why not a used pack and play?

Hard to find a playpen at least 60-70 euros, a price that may seem excessive compared to the use of this object duration. This is why many parents prefer to borrow a pack and play nearby or buy a used one. It must then be even more vigilant than buying a new pack and play!

Make sure the item is always up to standard, it has been well maintained and is in good working order: banish pack and plays including folding mechanisms and worn or dangerous locking, twisted bars, etc.

Check the cleanliness. Disinfection is needed … with particular attention to mites to the pack and play canvas.

Recover if possible instructions (with assembly instructions) and invoice (it includes the actual date of purchase, allowing you to determine the age of the product).

Because the child will rely on the banks to get up, even to walk, you should check especially:

  • the stability of the park: the feet of parks, whose balance is generally less good, are not recommended.
  • the height of the edge: it must not be less than 55 cm.

Use the pack and play safely

Once you purchase the pack and play, some precautions are to be taken. Install the pack and play in a place where children can not reach external objects (socket, fireplace, radiator, trinkets …).

Regularly check the condition of the pack and play and floor mats when there is one.

Do not put big toys that your child could use to climb the sides.

Although the park is useful to ask baby time to answer the phone or cooking dinner, do not leave it unattended for too long.

The pack and plays are designed for children under 2 years. Therefore not extend its use beyond, especially at this age, your baby prefers frolic!

Safety first

The best standards. The presence of the European “CE” mark, the French standards “NF S 54010” and “Pr EN 12227-1” or simply the reference to “comply with the safety requirements” show that the height of the pack and play, the spacing bars or the angle hinges comply. This recommendation applies especially if you opt for a used pack and play that is ready for you who already has some irreplaceable part. In the pack and play, your child is protected from the dangers of the house, sudden movements of his elders or your pet. This is not a reason to leave it unattended: Always keep an eye on him.


Make it a cozy place. If your pack and play has no bottom, plan and expected an adjusted mat for cushioning, it will isolate your child from too cold ground and avoid bumps in the case of fall. Imagine a fun but safe space. Playmat, arches, and other fluff rag dolls will live the little house of your baby. However, do not put toys that could escalate or even offend. Clear the area. Even in the midst of his favorite toys, your baby will be attracted by what happens on the other side: a wire, a power outlet, an object behind a chair he could swing by pulling it. So make sure that none of this is within range.

The pack and play’s advantages:

  • Use it in small doses (half an hour to an hour enough; beyond, the child will be bored).
  • Do not make a punishment nor an easy way to be able to go about your business (When your child is in the park, talk to him from time to time, show him that you are there even if you do not mind directly him at that moment.).
  • Both object and place of awakening, the pack and play can bring a lot to the child. In peace in this world all to itself, Baby will make its small experiences and great discoveries. It may also, without the risk of getting hurt, do gym sessions “sit-stand-sit” that will allow it to gain confidence for walking.

The essential oil diffusers formulas

We have been researching in many essential oil diffuser reviews so far! And now we can tell you some main points about what we found:

Benefits of essential oils:

  • more relaxed
  • increases concentration
  • good sleep
  • clean the air
  • improved mood
  • chases insects
  • purifying and moisturizing
  • curative
  • stimulant
  • reduce anxiety
  • less fatigue
  • lowering stress
  • repel unwanted odors

Essential oils diffuser

The diffusion of essential oils has become a reflection of welfare and health in our homes, places of living and working. They allow us to create, depending on the essential oil we use, a pure atmosphere!

Essential oils diffuser uses the principle of diffusion of cold mist droplets of essential oils. Does not alter the essential oils, thus preserving their qualities and active ingredients. With a small, compact and quiet design, a lot of diffusers are easy to use and perfectly safe because it has 2 modes of the integrated broadcast the timer for stays of a few meters or large areas up to 120 square meters, and automatic shutdown after 1 hour . It is made of blown glass and natural wood (forests are not endangered).

The use of natural substances against infectious processes such as flu or colds has been synthesized today in the form of essential oils, which is known as aromatherapy. Yes, their degree of effectiveness is determined by compliance with a series of quality criteria that are bound control.

Did you know that aromatherapy can be very useful for the prevention and treatment of colds, constipation, etc …? Thanks to its great wealth and biochemical complexity, essential oils, substances formed by a large number of molecules belonging to various biochemical families, have a high therapeutic potential in many areas and types of conditions (pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, circulatory, mood …). But it is in the field of infectious diseases where these aromatic substances have a vital role, because of its potent activity at low doses, its broad spectrum of action, therapeutic safety, good tolerance, the absence of side effects at the recommended dose and absence of resistances described so far.

Quality Criteria

Laura Mestres, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Science and Food Technology from the University of Barcelona and formed by the French Scientific Aromatherapy School (College International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux), reminds us that for that essential oils can be used as natural antibiotics, they must meet certain quality criteria compulsory control:

Oils must be 100% complete, natural, pure and chemotype.

1. One of the leading representatives as antiinfective is the compact inflorescences Oregano (Origanum compactum). It is an oil with the broad spectrum of action, as it is active against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. This oil is very rich in phenols (carvacrol, thymol) and these are responsible for their potent antimicrobial action. It is particularly suitable for ENT infections (tonsillitis, otitis, flu …) and lung (bronchitis). For a more accurate and convenient dosage regimen, is offered in cápulas soft gelatin capsules is recommended 2, 3 times a day (with meals) for 5 days.

2. If we look for a more specific activity for infections, urinary tract level, we must consider the Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark), rich in cinnamic aldheído and a wide breadth of action. For greater efficiency combine oils with different biochemical families and synergy compact Oregano, Oregano from Greece and Ceylon cinnamon, it is much more effective. In addition, to relieve symptoms associated with cystitis, we have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic to relieve pain from the first shots.

3. In case of recurrent infections or certain treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy, AIDS, hepatitis), it can strengthen the defenses with (chemotherapy and radiotherapy, AIDS, hepatitis) can strengthen the defenses with essential oils (IgA and IgM) as Ravintsara oil (Cinnamomum camphora cineol), the tea tree (Melaleuca) or eucalyptus, which are also invigorating and potent antiviral CNS, protecting new infections and helping us in mental fatigue situations. Ravintsara oil has properties decongestant respiratory, antiviral and stimulating the natural defenses of our body pathways. Everyday way during viral epidemics 6 drops mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot kernel, in the local application on the plantar arch or chest, morning and night. It is an effective preventive measure against viral attacks.

There are a few recommendations for the use of essential oils according to essential oil diffusers reviews.

The formula to combat the virus and increase the body’s natural defenses:

In massage: 6 drops of the preparation mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot nut on the chest and upper back area, 6 times a day for 2-3 days.

Eucalyptus: 2 drops.
Ravintsara – Cinnamomum camphora ct cineole 3 drops.
Noble Laurel – Laurus nobilis 1 drop.
Niaouli – Melaleuca 1 drop.
Diffusion: mix a few drops of any essential oil diffuser.

In massage: 6 drops of the preparation mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot nut on the chest and upper back area, 4 times a day for 10 days.

Green Mirto – Myrtus communis qt cineole 2 drops.
Tea Tree – Melaleuca 2 drops.
Moroccan Thyme – Thymus 2 drops.
Ravintsara – Cinnamomum camphora ct cineol 1 drop.
Black pepper – Piper nigrum 1 drop.

To strengthen the nervous tone of the individual:

In Massage: 3 drops of the preparation mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil apricot nut on the solar plexus and the inside of the wrists, 2-3 times a day.

Garden Marjoram – Origanum majorana 2 drops.
Petitgrain Bigarade (Bitter orange, leaves) – Citrus aurantium ssp amara 2 drops.
Mandravasarotra – Cinnamosma 1 drop.
Tangerine Essence (skin) – Citrus reticulata 1 drop.

Information about microwaves

Quickly heat up a ready-cooked meal or a cup of hot chocolate? With the microwave, it is a piece of

cake. Here’s what a microwave can do and what to look for when buying a microwave.

Type of microwave

A microwave offers the opportunity for reheating, defrosting, grilling, baking and roasting. The first

choice you have to make when buying a microwave oven is also the choice between a solo microwave or

a microwave oven. In a solo microwave you can often just reheating and defrosting foods. With a

microwave oven, you have more options.

In addition to the heating and defrosting, you can also boil, bake, roast and grill! Whether you use the

microwave just to warm up a plate of food that you want to prepare complete meals, the microwave is

very useful in the kitchen.

Solo microwave

With a solo microwave, you can heat up fast food, a ready-to-eat meal or a glass of milk for example,

but you can also thaw frozen products. Do you want to prepare a complete meal in the microwave,

please note the instructions given in the manual. Not all foods are cooked at the same time, after all,

and not all materials can be put in the microwave. There are several nice cookbooks for sale on cooking

in the microwave.

Microwave oven

A microwave is a combination of microwave and oven. Depending on the model, a microwave can be

equipped with the following functions:

  • Hot air: With the aid of a fan in the rear wall, the hot air is evenly distributed.
  • Conventional: In this mode the dishes are prepared with top and bottom heat.
  • Grill: The grill enables you get a brown and / or crispy crust. Also grilling meat or fish lessfat.
  • Steam: The moisture is brought to the boil, after which it is kept at steam temperature. Sothe food can be steamed.
  • Crisp: The crisp function combines function of the microwave and the grill. The grill provides(on the crisp plate) a crunchy top layer and the microwaves cooks the dish. Note: a crisp plate only

    works with microwaves that have crisp function.



The contents of a microwave oven may reasonably differ. So look for how many people you cook for and

how big the dishes you want to cook. A microwave with a capacity of 18 to 20 liters is often a solo

microwave. A microwave with a capacity of 26 to 40 liters is often a microwave oven. Also, the size of a

turntable varies. The larger the wave, the larger the turntable.

Display and delayed start

Most microwave ovens are equipped with a display on which you can read the settings. Also you can see

the remaining time before the program ends. The delayed start is a feature that allows you to program

the microwave oven for a few hours in advance. This way you save time and can for example, almost

directly on the table when they return home.

How do microwaves work?

A microwave works through microwaves food molecules in motion. This creates heat. The microwaves

pass through the crockery, so that the food becomes hot very quickly. The dishes are still hot in the

microwave. Not all of the dishes is suitable for use in the microwave oven. Vitamins and natural flavors

are retained in the preparation of food in the microwave. It was rumored that the microwaves and the

radiation in the microwave would be harmful to humans. Food from the microwave would accumulate

radiation and lose nutritional value. It would even be carcinogenic and warm milk for babies would be

harmful. Complete nonsense! Fear of microwaves is often motivated by the fact that microwaves

confuses radioactivity. Both, however, have nothing to do with each other.


The energy of the microwaves is divided by the rotational movement of the turntable. Some devices can

be switched off the turntable. There are also combination of microwave and ovens available which there

is no turntable and the distribution of the energy is provided by a rotating antenna. These are however

expensive microwave ovens. Manufacturers shall not indicate this always clear.

Microwave power

The ability of the microwave is indicated in Watts. Most microwaves have a maximum power output between 700 and 900

watts. This is quite sufficient for the heating up of the products. When you choose a lower wattage, the

product will be longer in the microwave before it is ready. In ready-to-eat meals, this information is

always available on the product packaging.

Hob buying tips

Hob cooking should be fun and easy. On busy days, it should be possible to quickly warm up slightly, but

it is also fun to prepare an exclusive meal at the weekend, possibly invite friends and make it a fun night.

Some people choose both occasions to purchase several cooking devices, people tend to like a device

with multiple opportunities. Something which in any case should not be missing in your kitchen is a hob.

Below is everything you need to know before you purchase it.

Gas-electric stove or electric stove?

This is the most obvious question you should ask yourself before you start looking for a suitable cooker.

If you choose an easily operated gas stove, or for the more advanced electric stove? To make the choice

easier for you, below are the advantages and disadvantages of gas and electricity and the different

models for you to put a row.

Gas cooker

The old stove is well known. Indeed, there are now also several modern gas hob, usually with more than

four cores. Gas cooking is still the most popular and for the following reasons: it is easy to control the

heat, it is pretty good to have a gas cooker which is quickly up to temperature, it is cheap to buy and

use, it requires no special pans to abolish the connection, most modern versions have a gas line which

are safer.

Gas stove may involve risks, so make sure your kitchen has good ventilation and / or that you have a

good hood, the temperature can not be controlled precisely. When cleaning a gas stove can be a tedious


Do you find it particularly disadvantageous that the traditional stove is not very easy to maintain? Then,

the gas-on-glass system, or the gas-under-glass system may offer the solution. Both systems include a

glass-ceramic cooktop that can be cleaned much easier than a conventional cooker.

Sometimes, the gas-on-glass system are located on a glass-ceramic ondergond. Some versions of this

system also offer you the possibility to recover the heat from the flames with other cooking zones.

The gas-under-glass system is again just a little more modern. Here, the gas burner is invisible under the

glass ceramic cooktop and heats the front two seeds. Also in this system, the heat is reused: the rest of

the heat of the front two kernels is in fact guided to the rear kernels.

There are also disadvantages to this new technology, please do not heat up independently of each other

the burners and the system is not cheap to buy.

A gas stove can be activated by ignition and you can operate the hob with external knobs.

Electric hob

Electric cooking temperature is more precise and better control. The maintenance requires little work.

The cooking / frying zones differ mostly in size, so you must have appropriate saucepan for each zone.

Disadvantages of electric hob: The cooking zones need some time to cool off. Fat or water droplets can

be burned in the glass (especially the ceramic hobs). It use more energy than the gas stove

The original plate, consisting of four cooking zones of plates or coils, is actually a little off.

The heating is with this cooker via conduction and both heating and cooling is not very fast. This can be

seen as a disadvantage, but it can also be quite useful: because the seeds for a while stay warm, you

could still continue cooking as a soup or sauce. Not the benefits seem to outweigh the disadvantages: so

is the response to the heat control very slow, the seeds are not easy to keep clean and the electric stove

use much power.

You can adjust the heat with external buttons.

(Hint: You should check whether the operation is practical and good working. For example, you have a

good grip on the knobs, it should not take you long for the touch operation you should pay particular

attention to that. Space between the buttons should be large enough.)


Ceramic cooker

Would you prefer a stove that is more modern, more economical and faster? Then look at a ceramic hob.

The preparation of a meal is in the same principle as with the traditional electric cooker, but the glass

ceramic hob at the vitro-ceramic glass is heated by radiation rather than conduction. On the plate, the

cooking elements are indicated by lines. The rings are red when warm gradually. After using this cooling

too slowly again and prevent burns, there is to see the indicators which zones are still warm. If

accidentally slightly over cooked, or are splashed in baking fat droplets on the glass, you must prevent

the water or fat burns in the glass. Furthermore, not all pans suitable for cooking on a vitro-ceramic

glass plate.